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'Depraved': Trump Reportedly Offered German Firm 'Large Sum' for Exclusive Rights to Coronavirus Vaccine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/16/depraved-trump-reportedly-offered-german-firm-large-sum-exclusive-rights-coronavirus


Trump = Schweinehund.
Very offensive German word meaning pig-dog.


Germany is not for sale? An occupied faithful NATO Europoodle.

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“Sources”. “Unconfirmed”.

Complete BS. Waste of time. Noise. Fake News. Click-bait crap.

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Russian bot. Story reported widely in Germany.


How many new lows will he set for the United States?

If the Democrats continue to malign Sanders we could see another four years of new lows. It was a mistake not to have educated the public on just what is socialism. This should have occurred before the campaign. This exploitation of citizens purposely redefined as consumers are seen as the suckers-yes, suckers–to be used to inflate Big Pharma’s insatiable appetite. “Someone has to pay for innovation” is Big Pharma’s mantra and never mind that our taxes already fund the NHI. Now US American drug companies are not even bothering to manufacture the drugs but have China do so. This is how sick the profit motive really is that your health and that of everyone else is a commodity to be exploited.


He wants control of the vaccine to profit himself. I wish somebody would just give it to him – the disease, I mean, a fatal version. He is viciously hateful.


Sorry, didn’t mean to quote you, hit the wrong reply, but I was thinking of the term “Schweisshund” which was used to describe hounds that hunted boars.

Republicans (let’s not pretend that this was Trump’s own idea, of which he probably has few) truly believe that most see the world through the same greed-fueled view as do they. The idea of humanity as a family, much less Nature as a family is such a foreign abstraction as to rank among the absurdities of all time. It is just them and their God, which is Mammon for all too many at the top of their circles. Just the name of this website would probably stump them for days.


Right. All the “news” that fit one’s ideology is the ideal, right? Never mind this was confirmed by the Germans themselves.


“We would want to ensure that we’d work to make it affordable, but we can’t control that price because we need the private sector to invest,” U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar

Actually, NO: Not if we have a drug manufacturing here in the US America, run for and by workers as in worker cooperative, then remove all patents on ALL drugs. Socialism or barbarism!


“anonymous German government official”

I can quote “anonymous government officials” who claim almost anything. I can remember in the '60’swhen 'anonymous Russian government officials" used to claim Khrushchev wore women’s underwear. If its ‘anonymous’, it is most likely a lie. Think there is any chance the Chinese planted this story? Germany has talked openly of nationalizing key industries. That means all investors lose everything - what company wouldn’t want to leave such a country?

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I think we also get many drugs manufactured in India. So China and India, two countries with over a billion people who are poor and willing to work for starvation wages, are outsourced our drugs to maximize profits. The healthcare industry has the ultimate leverage business. Literally, they can put a price on life and death, quality of life and misery and suffering. This is the model of a capitalists dreams. Meanwhile, our president further cements our reputation of an opportunistic, sociopathic, money-grubbing society devoid of human considerations. This is not who millions of Americans are. There are so many who believe in kindness and justice for the human family, but we are ruled by those who do not.


It does seem an odd “coincidence” that those are the countries hardest hit by far. I think it was Kim Iverson who spoke about this on her YouTube site and showed an interesting map that listed the number of cases by country. Those 3 countries had explosive numbers of cases, yet the countries immediately surrounding them had few by comparison. Unfortunately, we cannot automatically rule out any possibility when it comes to our government and deep state.


Democracynow did a very good expose on the generic drugs being manufactured in those countries particularly in India which they sell to us. No one seems to care if the drugs actually work or kill us.


Unfortunately it very much seems like for US it´s necessary to have Germany occupied because history shows that making America great again is not possible without German scientists:

  • no nukes
  • no rockets
  • no vaccine

Now really, does this surprise ANYBODY?


I like Scheiße Kopf myself, much more appropriate.


Two words one phrase , the Supreme Court; RBG won’t last another four years. Hate to say anything pro Biden, but go Bernie.
Also the article could of used more careful editing, there is no mention of a billion dollars in de Welt am Sonntag , the term was “large sum”; which could be that much or more but not specific. The point, of course, is that it was a flagrant bribe for nationalistic and disaster capitalistic purposes. Sort of like those store owners who start charging exorbitant prices after a hurricane for scarce goods; but on a large scale.

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My Prussian grandfather used to throw a few of these good terms around. He and my grandmother came to live with us on the farm where I grew up.

Reliability on this subject is sketchy at best apparently. Many MSM outlets are reporting huge virus numbers in Iran, but the vid below from RT’s Rick Sanchez, who talks to a university professor in Tehran disputes some of this reporting. Leaves us with not knowing who to believe.
The Iran reporting starts at 16:00.

“COVID-19 Death Rates Not What They Seem, ‘Misleading and Niave’”

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