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Depressed and Then Diagnosed With Austism, Greta Thunberg Explains Why Hope Cannot Save Planet But Bold Climate Action Still Can


Depressed and Then Diagnosed With Austism, Greta Thunberg Explains Why Hope Cannot Save Planet But Bold Climate Action Still Can

Common Dreams staff

As youth climate campaigners in the U.S.


I also don’t tend to hold back from the truth. Either we do climate research and development or the world has less food every decade. For the most part our governments aren’t doing the R&D. Right now this is fundamentally a yes or no question.


From the article:

“Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.”
–Greta Thunberg

Bless you, child, for your simple, eloquent and life-affirming faith. May it spread far and wide.


A BFO for sure

BFO = Blinding Flash of the Obvious

Standing up to the cover up hiding under “progress”, “Globalization”, “freedom”, “terrorism” and other diversions, but don’t discount the financial rewards to the few and the life style of those of us who are doing well in the USA

The present ecological mutation has organized the whole political landscape for the last thirty years. This could explain the deadly cocktail of exploding inequalities, massive deregulation, and conversion of the dream of globalization into a nightmare for most people.

What holds these three phenomena together is the conviction, shared by some powerful people, that the ecological threat is real and that the only way for them to survive is to abandon any pretense at sharing a common future with the rest of the world. Hence their flight offshore and their massive investment in climate change denial.

From a book

Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime by Bruno Latour

This is why it is urgent to shift sideways and to define politics as what leads toward the Earth and not toward the global or the national. Belonging to a territory is the phenomenon most in need of rethinking and careful redescription; learning new ways to inhabit the Earth is our biggest challenge. Bringing us down to earth is the task of politics today.

Text from the description of the book.

In short, the girl is calling us to return to earth.

But even more, how could we think we have escaped the earth? Back when we were racing full speed to be modern, we assumed that there was a limitless Nature that would be a passive and not react to our plunder. Indigenous people lived much closer to the earth and now that resource attacks on them are being recognized, it is a shock to realize that all humans are indigenous.


Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. What a great statement.


I have recently taken preliminary tests that show I am autistic, along with everything else that’s me I have to thank Greta for being what I am not. She isn’t sick, she’s normal. I hope you all get that. She is F-ing normal!


Greta says it sooooo well!


If there is not a single candidate in the 2020 presidential election, that speaks the truths that Greta Thunberg has, and pushes us to act, we must as a country refuse to accept any political party’s candidate that sides with the corporations, and not the science that is foretelling our planet’s demise.


Most people want to see CO2 emissions curtailed, but very few want to help pay for it. The revolt over Macron’s gas tax for example.


No, you misread what the Yellow Vest protests are all about. The protests in France were not because they did not want to address climate change. They were about doing it fairly.

The gas tax, being regressive, hurt the poor and working class, the very people that Macron’s austerity and labor “reforms” were also and already hurting.

Solutions need address those most responsible for climate change and those most able to make the biggest change - the wealthy and corporations. These people and entities are untouchable in the Macron regime.


A hero inventor needs to emerge with a freight transportation transformation. There must be a future system better than diesel fueled semi’s and freight trains. Personal vehicles are already weaving their way into the norm.
Maybe (low energy) Jeb has some suggestions.


This kid is amazing!


The term was not invented yet, but I certainly would have been diagnosed as a “high functioning ASD” (until recently “Aspergers”) when I was young. Certainy Ms. Thunberg demonstrates the intelligence of ASD’ers. The world need more ASDers -who still prefer the term “Aspie”.


Rail is already the most efficient means of moving goods - although inland waterways (river barges) are more efficient yet for bulky commodities. Many freight rail lines can be electrified with overhead catenaries and electric locomotives easily enough - as I suspect they are in Europe.


And that brings us to the replacement of the grid to accommodate solar and wind. Those trains don’t seem to be futuristic enough to invest in right now. imho.


The wealthy really don’t represent too much of the CO2 emissions of a highly developed country - the middle-classes do. And the corporation’s carbon footprint is mostly from producing stuff for those middle classes.

Most of the yellow-vest uprising was middle class.

Save for some high coercive methods, the adoption of alternate forms of CO2-free transportation are going to have to entail high fossil fuel prices. Perhaps a system of slowly-phase-out fuel rebates for lower-income, certifiably car-reliant households could be implemented, but such a thing would be complicated and subject to abuse.


The way trains - especially passenger rail, is regarded as “quaint” in the USA is another one of those idiotic things about the USA.


To truly see something and to then be truly horrified into silence is a gift, not a diagnosis for a disorder or disease. When I am in a group setting I am mostly silent, in awe of what people are really saying to one another. I am sure you have the same experience. The gift of sight can be painful though, there is a heavy price to pay as we see in Greta’s case. She is carrying a heavy burden all on her own. But that is what we do, someday others will understand.


To me she drives home the point that honesty and innocence (not naiveté) amount to sanity as in no pretense, no games, no self deception.


Imagine if we could all “suffer” from this and how much drivel would be driven out of our world! How liberating! Yes, we need to be ever more careful about the words we choose and when to actually speak.