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Dept of Ed Hires Anti-Civil Rights Crusader to Protect Student's Nonexistent Civil Rights


Dept of Ed Hires Anti-Civil Rights Crusader to Protect Student's Nonexistent Civil Rights

Steven Singer

Candice Jackson is a victim of oppression.

When she was attending Stanford University in the mid-1990s, a minority calculus tutoring group refused to help her because she was white.

Sure she could probably afford to pay for private tutoring, but it was the point of the thing.


"DeVos needs to be protected by US Marshals at a cost of $1 Million (our tab) a month."


Rarely has a face ever so clearly conveyed F#**% you, your children, their innate genius and the future of the planet than this visage of godforsaken pyramid grabbing.


For Profit Private Colleges have always been money shovels for their top brass and share holders. Two shining beacons of this system have been recently shut down due to fraud - ITT Tech and Everest.
This judicial action would never have taken place under this administration.

DeVry and Phoenix are the remnants of the system , and keep raking it in like there is no tomorrow.
Betsy devos probably own thousands of shares in those companies.

How many generations are we from being fuel for the matrix?
Change the system.
Stop feeding the beast.


Candice Jackson, Betsy Devos, & the "pro-business" Democrats don't believe in an education for all. They believe the market should decide which li'l Jimmy wins and which li'l Jimmy loses.


I really don't care for judging people by their appearance, but, in Betsy DeVos's case I have to say that her mousy and holier than thou composure is most disgusting-
I absolutely loathe this thing known as Betsy DeVos- She is such A small crumb, with A whole lot of dough holding her upright....Buying her position to fleece the public at the expense of the students in the name of religion...


It seems to me the pro-business republicans are in charge and are the ones not caring about education for all.


Arne Duncan, Barack Obama, and the "pro-business" republicans want our schools to be run like United Airlines.


Obama and Duncan are not in power, they are gone. They are called elections. And the republicans are running things. Betsy is Trump's person in charge. She is the one who wants schools run as businesses.


Li'l Jimmies can't tell the difference between a secular market favored by the "pro-business" Democrats or a religious market favored by the "pro-business" republicans, because all markets have winners and LOSERS.


Obviously you also can't tell who is in power either. The pro-business democrats have no power these days.


The li'l Jimmies can't vote. The markets are destroying their education. They are depending on us to get rid of ALL of the classroom markets! The "pro-business" Democrats seem to only care about taking power away from the "repeal & replace" republicans.