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'Dereliction of Duty': Outrage as USPS Board Issues Gushing Praise for DeJoy Amid Mail Slowdowns, Medicine Delays, and Straw-Donor Scandal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/dereliction-duty-outrage-usps-board-issues-gushing-praise-dejoy-amid-mail-slowdowns


You know, back in 2005 the W administration fed the USPS a poison pill in the form of an impossible mandate to fund their retirement plans 75 years into the future. The democrats hardly protested at all, and when given the opportunity to fix it in 2009 and 2010, they chose not to. At the same time, Medicare was given its own poison pill of an unfunded mandate to cover prescription drugs. That could have been addressed as well by Nancy Pelosi’s congress of 2009, but like the USPS, was met with silence.
Sure, we can blame the republicans for doing these things, but it was the democrats that had ample opportunity to fix both situations, and chose not to.
Do you see why I have absolutely zero confidence in another democrat run government dealing with the aftermath of the Trump years? If we can’t get Joe Biden to even mention the USPS now, in the middle of the campaign, what do you suppose the odds are that he does anything about it afterwards?


Obama’s ‘Grand Bargain’ on steroids! Everything the Dems wanted but were afraid to act.

Biden 2020 = Trump Election Committee.


I’ve been rereading a bit these last months from my own shelves and the local library about various aspects of the French Revolution… but honestly when I read articles like this I feel like I now understand the total rage that led to the irrational guillotining melees … because I feel the same rage. There are so so so many who deserve a similar end …


I’d like to have Grover Norquist’s teeny little berries swinging below my mailbox!


I’m afraid that, should Biden actually win (and that is still amazingly up in air) all we will hear from his administration is, we need to look forward, not backward, following that tired old “tradition” of a new administration ignoring the malfeasance of the former.
One can only wonder just what the American body politic would look like today had Obama’s AG chased down the Bush war criminals.


Sociopathic, Psychotic, Right-Wing, Anti-Social, Degenerate, Bull-Crap at it’s finest, brought to you courtesy of the Trumpanzee Postal Service. What DeJoy really needs is not praise, but a cell at a SuperMax.


Trump too.


if you had any questions about the gross corruption of the current administration-his appointees-and their faithlessness to the rule of law this should put that to rest–the sad part is the cooperation of many Democrats and the Democratic party’s complete uselessness in protecting the American people should also have been put to rest–


And the entire Re-Thug-lican Criminal Cabal and all of Trumps other appointees should be thrown in there with them, Nazi/Fascist, White Supremacist, Treasonous, Anti-American scum.


not only that but with the Biden’s mandate of “nothing fundamental will change” if he is elected his lack of action on the many crisis facing us will absolutely lead to the election of a competent Trump in 2024–just like the policies of he and Obama had led to Trump–the only hope for the Democrats is that they will see the light and come to the people with REAL solutions to the horror show they let happen by pushing people onto the economic sinkhole of the most unequal economy in our lifetimes by supporting the same type of corporate bailouts we have just seen—massive wealth transferred into the hands of the already incredibly wealthy and leaving the people to twist in the wind—their faithlessness is manifest


Outrage needs to be directed into organizing to bring the entire machine to a halt. If the corporatists’ agenda of privatizing all public institutions to further enrich themselves while increasing austerity and misery for the rest of us does not force you to act then you have neither a brain nor a heart.


How about just being called a coward.

Just thieves being thick.

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All the heads must roll.


I received my mortgage statement this month on September 8, 2020. At that rate the payment would never arrive by the 15th. Dejoy is the orange sloth’s “heckuva job Brownie” (noser). These delays are the orange sloth’s election strategy. Sow chaos at the USPS and then invalidate late ballots. If this isn’t a Federal crime. it certainly should be. I dare you to try to remove a mailbox from the street or a sorting machine from a post office. How can Dejoy get away with this, just like Kathleen Harris fake purge list in 2000 qwhen Gore actually won the election. Republicans are the true thugs and Democrats are by in large a bunch of wussies trying to be far too polite.


Republican motto: Let’s benefit by everything we can destroy for others in the country.
Democratic motto: Give us money and let’s allow the Republicans to get away with anything they want.
Both Parties agreed motto: When money tells what to do - Do It!




I have never seen any figures to confirm this, but my hunch is that most of the people who work for the PO are conservative, and probably Trump supporters. I have no doubt that is the case in the rural areas at least. The fools don’t even have the basic common sense to realize that Trump and the Republicans are doing their best to shut their place of business down and put them out of a job.


Our two major political parties are just two wings of the Empire Party.