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Described as 'Most Pro-Worker in a Lifetime,' Rank-and-File Union Backs Bernie


Described as 'Most Pro-Worker in a Lifetime,' Rank-and-File Union Backs Bernie

Jon Queally, staff writer

Announcing democratic consensus of its members across all three regional chapters nationwide, the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America said it was officially endorsing Bernie Sanders for president on Sunday.

The 35,000-member UE—which uses "the members run this union" as its tagline—said it was support from rank-and-file members which drove the endorsement.


Why did you wait?
Till nearly too late.
Don't say it was fate.
How long did it take?


It;s about freekin' time! Welcome aboard...Feelin' the BERN, for years!


when workers decide - no one but BERNIE - GO BERNIE GO!



Yay, Bernie! Keep on keeping on! You're needed and wanted!


Citation please. Sounds like another HRC team lie without evidence to back it up. So give.


If Bernie gets shut out of the nomination he should start a Liberal party and keep campaigning....I dont believe all democrats would actually want Hillary and still call themselves democrats....She is an industry insider waiting for her turn to serve the corporations....I am voting for Bernie as long as he stays in the race..Everyone says the GOP party needs to reinvent itself ...well so does the democrat party..They need to decide if they represent working americans or serve the rich masters.


We progressive/radical/compassionate teachers need to create democracy within our organizations, as teachers in Chicago and Portland are showing how this can be done: through prioritizing the communities we serve and our ability to serve them rather than dependence on Democratic Party illusive establishment protection. I am ashamed my AFT was one of the first big unions to endorse Clinton--its endorsement process is as undemocratic as U.S. presidential elections. But that means it's also just as vulnerable to democratic movement.


Tomjohnson, I was actually responding to your statement that Bernie has gone along with "many of the Dems murderous imperial policies and actions" and I wanted to know where you got that? I know its a Killary whine--well you did it too--but have never seen any evidence for this lying lie. So I asked you. Plus, I was surprised at you making this remark, esp after your 1st paragraph.
Plus, I love your verbal hate of me. I too want to scream that kind of stuff at shrillary's supporters, except I want to add " you stupid bovine c-word". I don't because they ask us to be kind to our community members, plus, I've listened to Bernie for years on Thom Thetraitor Hartmann's show and he was unfailingly reasonable and respectful to others. Hard as it is for me to do that, I try to follow his example when speaking about him.
Plus plus, I'm a 71y/o Lesbianfeminist who has always loathed Billary and her Yuppy Dumphies, and want to puke every time she claimes her girlie hood as reason to not ever criticize her. She's going to destroy what's left of the feminist movement, along with Gloria Steinhem and Herr Albright.
Finally, yes, I know exactly what unions do. Much good and much bad, Including when they hated Hippies and the anti-war movement and subsequently voted for Raygun. The UEW is showing the way to redemption.


Yes, I've heard these things. That's why I asked for citations. What lefties are expressing skepticism? Who claims to have moved him further Left? As I understand it, most of his hard-to-explain votes came on omnibus bills. These statements you're making are oddly like Pillary's "you did it too" answers in the debates. And silence on Obusha's foreign policy applies to both candidates and is called party loyalty. So, as I said, it sounds as if you are on the HRC lie team.