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'Despair Ends and Tactics Begin': Extinction Rebellion Aims to Shut Down Brisbane With Mass Civil Disobedience

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/despair-ends-and-tactics-begin-extinction-rebellion-aims-shut-down-brisbane-mass

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Shut em down, Extinction Rebellion!

Doing what must be done to stop what must not

I have visited Australia three times. I have a brother there and a friend who used to live in the US.
They both tell me that you can’t imagine the heat- that the rain has moved inland 20 miles on the west coast.
They both complain about the geoengineering that goes on in their skies- just like here. My friend told me that the anti-geoengineering demonstrations in some progressive towns are even bigger than their holiday parades. That should be mentioned here.
Big business, corporations etc, want to do business as long as they can - no matter what- their goals for the rest of us unstated, but becoming increasingly clear.
Poison the air, the land, the food. Destroy the atmosphere. We live on a jewel of a planet and we are destroying our own species and all the others. How to stop it?

Yes it has come to this. How many have already died from addiction, and now an entire population in denial. The petro era hath claimed it’s victims, yet a victim itself of capitalistic greed. We have become opportunistic parasites destroying our host.

That is what I like to see. Total rolling non-cooperation. Shut it all down.