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'Despair Not an Option': Sanders to Deliver Response Following Trump State of the Union

'Despair Not an Option': Sanders to Deliver Response Following Trump State of the Union

Jon Queally, staff writer

While Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over the weekend downplayed talk of a second run for president in 2020, he did say that whoever does run to oppose President Donald Trump must be willing "to stand up to the one percent" and on Monday announced his plan to offer an official response after Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

In a democracy he would have been the one delivering the State of the Union speech. Hopefully he’ll run as an Independent in 2020. The Democrats are already working to prevent his candidacy.


The “official” SOTU response from the Democrats will be delivered by Joe Kennedy III.

Bernie’s response is something else entirely–his own show so to speak.


It would be nice if he could get network TV to air his response to Mr Trump’s address. I’ll watch it on YouTube and read Trump’s transcript the next day. I watch Netflix at night not stupid speeches. I read the net during the day and books in the afternoon. Anyway I know how screwed the policies are and certain;y don’t need a reminder from Mr Trump, most likely to be written by that stooge imbecile Stephen Miller, yech! We do need a real progressive to lead, in the White House, a step in the correct direction anyway.


DNC just loves Sanders to keep the “hope” alive for the little people.

Meanwhile, Corporate State Democrats will do the bidding of corporations and wealthy individuals, enjoy the tax cuts, and then once again fold a Sanders candidacy into a Biden campaign, or some other Democratic candidate that knows “what is possible politically”, yadda yadda yadda.

Wash, rinse, repeat.


I was an elementary school educator for 25 years. I found, as many have, there are three ways to teach: Example, example, and example.

Here is Bernie’s example, I’m most sorry to say, given that I was one of his most ardent advocates and sent him far more $$$ than I had to give:

I voted for Jill and can’t for the life of me see why anyone with half a brain and half a soul didn’t do likewise. Strategy? How about morality, and standing for your core beliefs?


And I would submit also it’s why we’ve lost our way.

i won’t be watching. you can’t believe anything he says. trump i mean

I don’t understand how Sander’s response can be called an official response if the Democratic Party is also giving an official response. What makes Sander’s response official? Who will he speaking for? I’ll probably take a pass on all of this and just read who said what after it is all over.

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I agree with you about example, example, example. And I’m also an ardent Bernie supporter who voted for Jill Stein.

What I see of Bernie’s example is that he has been steadfastly working to improve the lives of working people in this country for more than 40 years, and has managed, despite the rigged nomination, the betrayals, and all the heartache he must have experienced, to keep moving ahead towards his goal of economic and social justice for this country.

If Bernie had done what I wanted him to do, and he had kicked the Dem Party aside and run as a third party candidate, that would have been the last that anyone outside of Bernie facebook groups would have heard of him, because the corporate media blackout on Bernie would have slammed down harder than ever, even worse than during the primaries. He would have been dismissed as a sore loser, and forgotten. The vicious Dems in the Senate would have made sure that Bernie had no one to work with.

Instead, Bernie acted with integrity. He kept his word–he had had to promise at the outset, to support the Dem nominee. Instead of losing as a third party candidate, he retained his ability to keep building his political revolution, and to keep reaching out to the low-information voters who get their “news” from corporate television. Attitudes towards Bernie’s ideas have changed HUGELY in this country as a result, since the more that people hear Bernie speak, the more they agree that we need universal singlepayer #MedicareForAll, a green New Deal, a living wage minimum wage, decriminalization of marijuana, an end to the for-profit prison industry, etc., etc., etc.


Who cares what useless tool gives the official response for the democratic party. Everybody under the age of 50 tuned out these corporate stooges a very long time ago.


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Cooper, you and that “body language expert” are certainly entitled to your own opinions, but man! I cannot go along with that woman’s interpretations. EXCEPT, I’ll give you that if Bernie was angry, he had every right to be, as were those of us who watched helplessly as he got steamrolled by the benighted Democrats who refused to see the gift they could’ve used. I’m with Townsend, above, who thinks that Bernie acted with integrity… (However, I gagged, choked, huffed, and puffed when he promised to support the Dem candidate.)

For each of that expert’s attributions on the freeze-frame shots, I can come up with AT LEAST one other possible explanation…and none of mine discredit him as a viable…and good…president, even tho he isn’t consonant with some of my political values. I, too, supported him until he caved, at which point I supported Jill whose platform is 100% aligned with my values.

I don’t regret donating my very precious and meager pennies to him. As much as I’ve loathed the Democratic Party for decades, I still naively didn’t not expect their hatchet job on him, and I was literally sickened by their stoopid move to put forth Clinton as their candidate.

If I’m misconstruing what your point about “example” was, I apologize and would like to be corrected.


You made me giggle! I was gonna quip that the same goes for those of us over 70. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I s’pose Hillary was busy, eh?

Hillary stepped back to spend more time with her money, er family.


I also supported Bernie and voted for Jill Stein. I assume that as usual the MSM will not broadcast anything not from the duopoly tomorrow night.

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Trump is giving his State of the Uniom speech. How can you feel despair when these idiots can’t even spell Onion right. Amazing!

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Right. First we stop these dangerous people then we rid ourselves of a dangerous system.

So many people voted for Jill that I am doubting the official statistic that her % was so low.