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'Despair Not an Option': Sanders to Deliver Response Following Trump State of the Union

Yeah…we’ve been put in the position of distrusting practically everything, of being paranoid… we’ve been put THERE deliberately. Am I being paranoid about being paranoid!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll be watching and listening to Bernie, but not Trump.

The really bad news is that even with Hillary gone (hooray!) the left overs among the Dems are just as bad their former champion. And here is Bernie, pretending that 2016 never happened and trying to convince the US that once again, this time he REALLY means it. No matter what he might have to say, Bernie is not the person to delver the message.

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And you need to remind people what both Republicans and Democrats did to third-party candidates in the past. They don’t allow them to take part in “official” debates. I still remember them tying Ralph Nader to a chair to keep him from speaking.

I’m happy anytime Bernie gets to speak. He’s our best chance at waking people up and showing what our government should be doing for us.

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Just as long as you remember that Bernie is a Democrat above all else, I encourage you watch whomever you like.

Are you a Hillary supporter that blames Bernie for her losing? Why else would you criticize the only legislator with any integrity and who cares about the middle class? No one is perfect. And if your Hillary had won, she sure wouldn’t have done anything for the middle class.

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Agreed, and in line with Chomsky:

Hey worm!–
No I am not a Hillary supporter (note the “hooray!” after the mention of the vanquished queen’s name.) But Bernie, after a quickly arranged meeting with Bro 'Bama at the White House, not only endorsed her for president, HE EVEN HELPED RAISE MONEY FOR THAT SPOILED SELF-INDULGENT bag lady! Are you really LRX by another name?!!

I hope it runs concurrent with Kennedys bile.

I too am amazed at how many people confess to voting for Stein, and yet her % didn’t budge.
80% of my caucus here in Wa. state went for Sanders in the primary. I’m sure many refused to pull the lever for Clinton.
There should have been some kind of uptick.

I am absolutely not Lrx. I guess I forgot about your comment about not being a Hillary supporter when I saw your comment about Bernie. I get outraged any time I see someone criticize him. I despise Hillary also and was not happy that Bernie supported her. But as I said, no one is perfect. Bernie is the only one out there speaking out for the middle class. To me, that counts for a lot and he doesn’t deserve this criticism. And stop calling me worm.

Toni, Sorry for the delayed response here (in large part because I couldn’t
back to the original thread). I don’t recall the exact context of
"example," except that was a major guideline for me while teaching
elementary school for 25 years. On Bernie, I loved the guy and still
respect him, but for his foreign policy stands, or lack of them. I actually
ran against Hatch in 2012 (if you can call it that, as I was completely
blacked out by the press), and I’ve left that website up, www.voteutah.us.
It needs some updating, which I plan to do and run as a write-in–or rather
"a sit-in), as an independent, encouraging anyone interested in my ideas
(largely stolen from many progressives!) to share my site via social media.
“Running for office” is like running on a hamster wheel without kissing up
to TPTB. In the unlikely event I actually beat Hatch, my first (and only!)
bona fide strategy was to befriend Bernie and learn the ropes as quickly as

As for the body language, I did agree with the interpretation presented,
particularly having seen Bernie snuffed in real time, living color. BUT I
am not dogmatic about it and glad to know that folks may well have other
interpretations. Bernie would be president if there were not an active
conspiracy against him. He was aware of this and IMO should have fought
hard against it (as Al Gore should have, given that he did actually
win)–and in the event Bernie did that and still lost, should have made one
exception to his excellent career and said something like, “I know what I
said and I meant it at the time, but circumstances dictate that I change my
mind on that particular issue. Thus I am still running.” He could have
exposed so much, as anyone watching closely surely saw. He also could have
joined the Greens and was invited to, and let Jill run as VP. I don’t have
time or desire to rehash all this, but I encourage you to watch Debbie
Lusignan on this topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5deJv5eKekA (a
little searching will get you to DL’s, aka The Sane Progressive, original
talk on this–she lives in MA and was probably Bernie’s most ardent and
staunch advocate).

P.S. Cooper was my long gone best bud’s name. All the best, Daniel Geery

Dan, no problem re the time lapse. We’re all living in surreal moments, anyway, and keeping up with the horrors and myriad stories that appear each day is enough to keep each of us spinning (often blindfolded). The more news-comment sites we’re on, the more difficult it is to remember and find a point we want.

I haven’t looked at your link yet but will do so in a bit.

Are you still planning on running for office…especially if Romney is in the mix? If you’re going to run for office, I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions. You might benefit from talking to Beto O’Rourke’s main campaign people. Beto is taking on POS Ted Cruz in Texas and his numbers are looking good. Granted, he has an advantage in running because he had already won election to the House and has a “machine” to plug in. (Romney is a jerk creep but not the odious POS Cruz is.)

There’s more to say, but I’ll wait for your answer.

As for Bernie, I might be being naive, but my personal verdict about his caving isn’t in yet. For some reason, I’m still holding onto the possibility that he was threatened and coerced to do the things that progressives are excoriating him for. I’d be as angry as he’s been or seemed and then some. And I’d call out every dirty deal and arm-twister. Diplomacy on the dais ain’t my long suit in the face of dirty politics.

[Cooper. A great way to honor someone who meant a lot to you.]

I’ll surely be looking for Beto’s site sooner than later. I have zero doubt
that Bernie was threatened. Probably not personally, but via a family
member. Remember when Kucinich’s bro died of heart failure? I’d bet my
family jewels that it was the CIA, as that is one of their many modus
operandi. I do plan on being an independent write-in, mainly to keep hope
alive (I can run later, sans a gazillion signatures). And at this point in
time, maybe actually being elected–which on a personal level I hope I’m
not! But should that happen, I’ll speak loudly and clearly and won’t shut
up. The “deep state” needs to be annihilated and we need to work
persistently and ardently for ourselves and the planet. Dan

Dan, politics is a dirty…and dangerous…business—that’s not just an expression. Been there.

I just realized that I’d forgotten to check out your link; I looked only at Debbie’s. I’m going to correspond with you in a different mode so as not to derail this thread too much.

Peace, tw

Looking forward. PM me via Opednews.com is probably the best means for
contact presently. Dan