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Desperate GOP Resorts to 'Blatant Bribery' in Bid to Save Floundering Trumpcare Bill


Desperate GOP Resorts to 'Blatant Bribery' in Bid to Save Floundering Trumpcare Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the latest version of Trumpcare floundering after several Republicans announced that they cannot support the legislation in its current form, Sens.


Would someone please put Butch Cassidy and Sundance Graham out of “our” misery?


Kill this Zombie!


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had a lot more sensibilities and care for the down trodden than these two sold out prostitutes…


So, it’s really no different than what the Democrats did to pass Obamacare in the first place - cut special deals with holdouts.

It’s called “politics”.


Punk move! However, how about these so called beloved founding fathers, notice no founding sisters, who gave America this absolute dreadful, crappy republic form of government. America would have been far better off hanging with the British back then, notice that too. Notice the German federal election results 2017, the Greens holding the 6th party increasing their seats from 63 to 67 to 9%, yes to the Greens in the Bundestag. Here though, scrap this life killing form of government-American Republic- now, or more punk moves ahead just like this one from the duopoly.


Using taxpayer money to bribe or pressure someone to set up conditions which lead to the premature deaths of thousands –

If this was done in the private sector with private money, people would be arrested for first degree manslaughter and conspiracy to commit it.


The person in the photo looks like he has pancake makeup filling his wrinkles.


Remember, that same election catapulted AfD to the #3 party in the Reichtag. Not all results are good results.


Yes I did notice the AfD; however, what would you rather have the German Bundestag, or the (duopoly -American Republic- which has been a horrendous disaster from day one, 1776)?


I’ll stick with first pass the poll.

I don’t consider most of the major European countries to be shining beacons of good government. Further, given the generally greater diversity of the population in the US, we would probably end up with a government even more fragmented than Italy.


Fundamental Distinction

Democrats were trying to get National Health Care (of some sort) passed as law.

Republicans are kicking us to the curb and throwing granny off the cliff.

It’s called greed and bribery


No they wouldn’t. Our government doesn’t prosecute white collar crime.


Ron Wyden said it had nothing to do with targeting Alaska and Maine. He said they have been tweaking “the formula” all along, and this last tweak just happened to give more funding to these two states.

It took me a long time to find out just what was “the formula”. Couldn’t find it. One website (forget which) had said that the proposal was to switch from the federal government reimbursing a percentage of states’ Medicaid costs to simply awarding block grants based on state population. This would certainly benefit Texas, which is a very large state that had not expanded Medicaid under Obamacare (and, for that matter, any states that didn’t expand Medicaid, which are all Republican.).

This move, however, clearly contradicts that basis for apportionment.


Nope. Same tactics by both sides. The ends don’t sanctify the means.


One significant difference between this legislative bribery and many others is that this time a lot of people are watching. The Repugs keep shooting themselves in the foot with this one. The irony is, if they were to get what they wanted, major segments of the citizenry (including insurance companies!) will be ‘up in arms’, so to speak. All 50 governors came out against this plan. It almost seems if the R party is trying to sink itself.


Scum of the Earth!


As has been so often said, "We have the best politicians that money can buy."
Now that they have pulled the blankets off, we can all see it in action, blatantly, in the open.
Is this the Constitutional Republic we want, or have we turned into just another greed and power driven "Banana Republic?"
I think the answer is becoming more obvious. What do we do about it, let it grow or stamp it out?


Single payer: Removed to win over Baucus.

Public option: Removed to win Lieberman and Nelson.

Abortion spending: Removed to win over Casey ans Stupak.

Not mention back room deals with AHIp and pharma.

In the end, Obama sweetened the pot so much we got Romneycare and no coverage for 25 million



It’s already managed to stink itself.