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Desperate Peruvian Tribe Takes Officials Hostage, Demands Help after Catastrophic Oil Spills

Desperate Peruvian Tribe Takes Officials Hostage, Demands Help after Catastrophic Oil Spills

Nika Knight, staff writer

After learning that they would be excluded from an official state of emergency declared in the wake of two catastrophic oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon, members of the Wampis community of Mayuriaga stopped a helicopter from taking off late Sunday evening and held 8 officials hostage to force the government to respond to their desperate pleas for help.

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It is only world opinion that will protect these people from any repressive action from the Peruvian military. CD and other progressive sites around the world that keep us aware of the plight of the indigenous people who must endure this suffering for what is actually our civilzation’s desire for oil, deserve our support for not leaving this story buried in some jungle. The end of oil can’t come fast enough for this planet and her people’s.


Very much the same happens in Nigeria with old pipelines failing and oil spills such as this a regular occurrence.

Across the world infrastructure put in place to “create wealth” fails and the system called Capitalism shows how flawed it is in that it will not and can not invest in replacing old infrastructure. There no incentive to the “bottom line” to do so. When they initially build these pipelines it to get that oil to market so they can profit off the same. When the pipelines are 50 years old and more repairing them is a COST and an erosion of profit margins. It more "profitable’ to allow spills and patch only after a spill occurs.

This is true of all of that old infrastructure, be it gas pipelines or oil, tailing pond dams or Nuclear power stations. When it was all “shiny and new” no one gave a thought to what happens 40 years down the road yet today the same things happen with more pipelines promoted to get new oil to market all of which will fail in time wherein someone else pays the costs.


I support them 100%. Indigneous people are civilized. Modern nations are savage.


We can see where this will go - the indigenous will be framed as ‘the bad guys’ and the raw capitalist, neoliberal bastards with blood pouring off their hands and squirting out of their ears and eyes will champion justice and progress. May we survive ‘progress’. This is like a freakin real life Avatar.

And our ‘Green Climate’ President Obama brags about the earth circling miles of pipelines installed during his presidency out of one side of his mouth, while finally halting, most likely temporarily, the infamous Keystone Pipeline, out of the other. You want to see his true legacy? Just watch the source of that speech money which will soon come pouring in. Do people realize what a billionair’s wealth really is? Do they realize what damage a hundred multi-billionairs can precipate? Sprinkling a few hundred thousand dollars a speech out to the likes of the Clinton’s and soon to be Obama’s and other establishment politicians of both major political party’s is just a little drool out of the rich cat’s mouths being sucked up by many self serving politicians and bureaucrats. The grateful ones doing the suckling get fatter, while rich cats are hardly showing any signs of dehydration.

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300 barrels means about 66,000 liters of crude oil going to river tributaries in one single occurrence. Those jungle areas are also the refuge of cocaine makers that process 250 kg of coca leaves using 1,600 liters of highly toxic chemical precursors for every kilogram of yellow cake –or the “base paste” that will be purified later for making about 1/2 kg of cocaine.

Yellow base paste is produced at about 100 kg/day basis by every small drug camp outfit in the jungle and there can be around 50 or 60 of those outfits in a small area. That means that each drug outfit dumps every day 16,000 liters of sulfuric acid, gasoline, ammonia, quick lime, ether, etc in the Amazon rivers and tributaries, that can easily amount to 160,000 liters/day killing fish and many other jungle life –but it seems there is not a single green or human rights NGO that has ever complained or warned about this nefarious activity. Indian tribes and their legal representatives receive good amount of money and goods for protecting and helping these drug outfits and keeping strange people away.

It is quite likely that Petroperu oil activity in that area is disturbing drug makers and becomes a nuisance that must be stopped. Maybe not, but chances are high, as it has happened in other regions in the Amazon jungle in Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil.