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'Despicable and Shameless': Outrage Over Duterte Pardon of US Marine who Murdered Trans Woman in Philippines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/07/despicable-and-shameless-outrage-over-duterte-pardon-us-marine-who-murdered-trans


How many more innocent victims will our Military murder?


DT would’ve liked to issue the pardon.


Setting aside what he did for the moment, isn’t 6 years in solitary confinement an inhuman way to treat any prisoner ?

Not at all - but to go stupid the opposite direction and grant freedom to a person convicted of a heinous murder (virtually a hate crime) is reprehensible. Duterte is just a big an A-hole as Trump and once again he prove’s it.


The US has never been held accountable for rape and pillaging in other nations and now they are doing in the US.


I wouldn’t bet against a conversation between the two neo-fascists - both dictator wannabes, “working it our”. it’s possible, even likely, trump suggested this pardon trying to prove a point.


This is the kind of Fox News outrage that gets people angry. Nobody can do nothin’ about this. It just creates really bad emotions. Fox makes this into an art. Angry people are easy to manipulate. The US military has been out of control since WWII ended and the post war defense machine turned fervently anti-communist to become Capitalisms Invisible Army. Atrocity is the norm with total control of the news, no reporters were “allowed” to cover the gulf wars and the media did not even try. They regurgitate. Oliver Stone could not get funding to do a movie on Vietnam’s Melie massacre. Excuse the spelling. HRC kills thousands in Libya just for her reelection campaign and declares there is a unitary foreign policy? Says who?

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…so, if the Philippines were once a US colony, and they still kowtow to the USA’s every whim, desire - and members of the US military can still kill with absolute impunity there - then why do you play along with the USA’s charade of pretending that the Philippines is an “independent” nation with sovereignty over itself? Tell it like it is: they’re still a colony, for all intents and purposes.

It seems like the US military has a long and horrible history with how soldiers, sailors etc. treat women. I remember reading about young Japanese girls who were offed after they had been used—and the American families were upset that Japan had their sons in prison. Of course, just recently, there was an America base that had soldiers murdered were both females and males were killed, and buried after being hacked up or hung. Racism and sexism seem to be an enduring quality with the military. I suppose that many go on to become police what with their," military training."


The names and faces change, but not the circumstances. It’s all one with the imperial, colonial policy of the US, even before it was a country. Just as the names and faces of the strong-men dominators change, but not the way they act. This time it was a transgender person. Next time it will be a woman that some drunken military man thinks he has a right to.
Way past time to shut down the US military bases around the globe. Yes, we should have a small defensive military. But we’re protected by two large oceans, once we stop being a colonial power and mind our own business.
I know the people on Okinawa would dance and sing if that base were shut down. As would the Inuit on Greenland once we left Thule, as long as we cleaned up the mess we’ve made. And, for gods sake, make Puerto Rico a state!! Way past time. Or allow it to become independent, like Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic…

Rape along with pillage has been in most military’s since at least the middle ages.
Another reason to bring the troops home.
Trump’s little vignette this afternoon acuses Biden of all the stuff actually being done by trump. It is so sickening watching him lie through his green, rotten, slimy teeth.

In all of the reporting seen to date, no mention of any charges brought by the U.S. military against the murderer. If a soldier murders a local outside of the U.S. is it NOT considered a crime by the military? Is this person now re-instated in the good graces of the armed services? Will he receive an honorable discharge? Does being charged by the jurisdiction where the crime was committed absolve the person of any accountability in their own country? WTF?

Hi Gandolf:
Once again, those 2 humanoids running for president: They are BOTH brain dead pussy grabbers. They both like war, and neither has any real ideas on what needs to be done for this nation to survive. : (