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Despicable and Unacceptable: NAACP Occupies Sessions Office


Despicable and Unacceptable: NAACP Occupies Sessions Office

With resistance on the rise to the appalling notion of an Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Tuesday saw both an unprecedented NAACP sit-in at his Alabama office and an extraordinary letter signed by 1140 professors from 171 law schools across the country arguing Sessions "will not fairly enforce our nation’s laws" - ie do what the job requires. Citing his ugly racist history, the NAACP said they and many others oppose Sessions "as a matter of conscience and conviction."


This is good. It's really the first good thing I've seen happen since the election.

The bad part is that I only see black bodies there. There need to be white bodies, too, and Hispanic, and Asian. Christian and Muslim. Without that, I'm afraid that this protest can be too easily marginalized as a "black thing," something done by "those people." Racism is used to discredit all the time (just take a look at Fox News talking about BLM).

The Clinton campaign got one thing right: we're stronger together.


Don't be fooled by Session's little Keebler smile. The man is an out and out racist.


If you look at the mug shots of those arrested you will see white faces.