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'Despicable on Every Level': After Massive Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $7 Billion Cut to Child Health Insurance


'Despicable on Every Level': After Massive Gift to Rich, Trump Demands $7 Billion Cut to Child Health Insurance

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Months after ramming through deficit-exploding tax cuts for billionaires and large corporations, President Donald Trump and the GOP are now looking for programs to slash to make up the difference—and they're starting with children's healthcare.


For any interested,ITEP compiled a PDF Chart Book of the Tax system

Ah, my fellow human beings and planetary creatures - you too, rocks… we are once again being colonized by parasitic machinations…


They will take until there is nothing left to take. Then they will blame us for being lazy.


Slash and burn. That’s all the republicans know to do.


The children are the easiest target and therefore the first to have the federal budget “balanced” on their backs.

The next targets are the disabled, medicare recipients and social security recipients, in that order, just as Paul Ryan was tasked to do for his corporate sponsors when he showed up in DC nearly two decades ago.

With his mission accomplished, Ryan is preparing to move on to his mutimillion dollar K Street “job” at years end.


Scrooge is gonna be sorry when the ghosts of children’s future come to haunt him. Where are Ivanka’s phony tears now.


This is just the beginning of what will be an interesting summer before the mid-terms. Laying waste to America is the agenda and it’s had a pretty good start. 3rd world country on the rise.


Of course! The entire trump/R’Con “tax-cut” was a despicable fraud…a premeditated fraud and crime against the people - theft plain and simple. Take from the middle-class and poor and seniors, the 99% and gift the uber-wealthy and corporate pirates! This is the “reallocation of wealth” the right-wing scum are forever railing against…except when it goes to themselves, corporate and/or wealthy crony’s in crime!

HEY trump! Where are your tax returns now MoFo? How much did you and your crime family make on the tax-cut con? Isn’t that the definition of conflict of interest!? Lying mental POS! How I look forward to the day of your great fall - can’t be too soon or massive for me! That goes for you DP elite complicit co-conspirators too!

For every dollar this scam gave the richest (and trump&co gave himself!), a dollar WILL be taken out of the pockets of those least able to absorb it, or something essential their lives depend on…like child health care!.

Take “fees” for example; they ARE taxes by another name that are being raised as the richest skate…those fees affect primarily the working class. like motor vehicle “fees”, registrations, tickets, etc, and building permit and other scam fees, all skyrocketing to make-up the shortfall in revenue at the federal, state, and local level because the richest were gifted that money that must come from somewhere! My MC re-reg went from $17.50 a year to $42.50 a year! For what!?

All you trumpers out there… you are being buggered like all the rest by trump and his rich scum-bag appointees in this tax scam and all the other roll-backs…the difference is you’re too goddamn stupid and ill-informed to get the enormity of the con!


First they came for the children…


After all, when public school is destroyed, what else will there be for children
to do but to go to work?


I really feel in my heart that this is exactly in line with what was always coming. Trump and his crew are murderers. It’s easy enough for them to go after the young. Try and think about it in a sort of Jungian pattern of duplicity-starting with Betsy DeVos. The exact opposite of someone who is going to help the youth. And this.


That’s exactly what they want. Or, in the case of children of color, let them die. Don’t think for a minute he cares, or Betsy DeVos cares. Trump and DeVos would have never been allowed into a civil, caring society. But in 1980 the steel doors came down on any semblance of that America. Trump will kill, and he will go for the most vulnerable groups.


Cut support to childrens health care , roll back safety regulations in the work place for those same children and then demand that Children work in order to receive Government benefits ! Make Slavery great again!


Austerity is a more than five hundred year-old stable form of government serving rich people.

Austerity is subsistence plus a child bonus to replace economic slaves when they are too old to work.

White slaves are about to find out they are and have been just as useful to rich people as black slaves.


And all Democrats will stage a big press conference and even walk out of Congress while the Republicans are voting for this in protest. They won’t take this lying down. It will happen, I promise. And they will all donate their Trump tax benefit to poor children with healthcare needs, and rally their millionaire and billionaire friends to do the same.

There is hell to pay for these Republicans I tell ya.

And the DCCC will advise all candidates for the upcoming midterms to focus on issues confronting the poor, especially in light of Republican actions such as this.


But hey, there is Barbara Lee and a smattering of other Democrats to tell them off! I should be grateful.




Republican politicians are despicable $adists.
Always have been. Always will be.


When will our Lord and Savior deliver us from the Evil of this Snake?

Lordy, I hope it’s soon.


At least there’s no collusion:

Can anyone really say that anymore? Trump would sell his soul for a buck.

Oh, and I want to add, the Supreme Court made pay-for-play much easier. To the duopoly-matters-above-everything folks, do we really want more Trump judges appointed? Because your vote could matter in a close election.


Population control. Someone might grow up and find out how they are screwing the people and do something about it,They can’t take chances