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'Despicable': Outgoing Trump Administration to Designate Cuba a 'State Sponsor of Terrorism'

There is been a lot of press about just what a mess the f 35 program is in the US. This extends to other areas as well. The Littoral Combat ships as example.

The latest is the latest and greatest US Carrier which is the most expensive vessel ever built. The thing is a disaster. Billions spent and it does not work as advertised. It so bad it has to operate with a friendly port nearby since the systems so complicated it can not be repaired at sea.

The overspending on JUNK in the US has become so bad that pundits claim Russia is “cheating” when it announces its Military budget because Russia gets more out of its weapons per dollar spent than does the USA.

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I’d hope he put a 45 in his mouth and pull that button.

And yet terrorism and communism aren’t even remotely the same thing.

The Dulles brothers were instrumental in the American meddling after WWII.