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'Despicable': Treating Human Beings as Mere Political Pawns, Trump Reportedly Pushed to Drop Asylum Seekers in Democratic Districts

'Despicable': Treating Human Beings as Mere Political Pawns, Trump Reportedly Pushed to Drop Asylum Seekers in Democratic Districts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what critics and rights groups condemned as further evidence that the Trump administration views asylum seekers as mere political pawns rather than vulnerable human beings, the White House reportedly considered dropping migrants off in Democratic districts as a supposed "punishment" for their opposition to the president's anti-immigrant agenda.

Well, Mr. Miller, why don’t you just put an international postage stamp on your forehead and send yourself back to Belarus from whence your ancestors escaped the Jewish pogroms of the Russians. 'Cause, you know, “America First” and all that…

I love watching what happens when “virtue signalling” collides with NIMBYism.

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Actually, Trump is treating them like animals.

We know who the real animal is here.

Getting immigrants in your town? You are blessed!
Embrace them. My grandpa and family were immigrants. My husband is an immigrant and I signed for many of his family to join us in the US. My daughter-in-law is an immigrant along with her family. My other daughter-in-law’s parents were immigrants. I dated mostly foreign students in college, helped Cuban kids with homework in high school. Oh, future son-in-law recently immigrated. Countries? Sweden, India, Laos, China, France.

Be gender tolerant. Be racially unbiased. Be nationality and culturally sensitive.

Interested in helping?

  1. Volunteer to teach ESL. Or start a program.
  2. Open public space for gardening.
  3. Start a business that these new folks might help in. Restaurants anyone?
  4. Be friendly and helpful on the street.
  5. Try tradeoffs! Trade cooking recipes. Arrange to learn a new language yourself.

Ditch the NIMBY attitude!!!


It’s hard to keep people on point, but thanks for trying.

The point, of course, is this: that unless your ancestors were First Nation (who were already here) or African-American (who weren’t offered a choice), we are ALL descendants of immigrants.

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Trump and the GOP are simply following Josef Goebbels’ playbook that mandates a list of contrived enemies to which you never stop adding new enemies to keep the base engaged and under control.

Goebbels’ playbook has never failed an autocrat anywhere and Immigrants have always been an easy target for those compiling a list of enemies.


Trump makes it sound like he is Dropping Off the Bubonic Plague in Sanctuary Cities.

These are our Fellow Americans from the Central Part of the Hemisphere.




For me, this framing - the Goebbels play book - begins to hone in on the interface between ‘economic theory’ and ‘political theory’ - class manipulation in other words via the multi-billion $ marketing/advertising “propaganda industry”. (just an aside: the etymological root of ‘advertise’ in Latin means ‘to warn’. )

The trick is to find the point(s) of dedicated resilience in the 99% that empower us to put the dominant parasitic/predatory paradigm on lithium and get it out of the way … until we decide what to do with it

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We all know he is despicable now move on to what really should be covered in the way of policies of both sides and what this administration is up to in that arena. The media wastes too much time on what Trump says they are giving him billions of free advertising.

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While it would appear that Trump is just trying to create a burden for sanctuary cities and towns, it would seem the these immigrants would actually be treated better in a sanctuary city. Trump is so twisted and confused he really doesn’t know what he is doing much of the time. Like the Tao says, Good can be found in the bad and bad can be found in the good.

I’m sure there are many ideas being thrown around to solve the problem that Congress won’t. People are understandably frustrated because of the swarm of illegals flooding our country.
Just deport them to Mexico and I’m sure the flood will stop.

I’d like to see a news report where he said that on video. I mean doesn’t Trump do all his press releases on video? Why aren’t they showing a clip. I just saw some video released on MSN news report, he did on sanctuary cities, he said it is horrible and should stop. That sanctuary cities do not belong in America. If the news were real, this is what they would tell you. Not some guy in the comments section. Disillusioned by all this fake crap. That is True news reporting, not this fake crap saying he wants to release them. I just saw the video!! go Youtube it for yourself. The original fake news who reported this was Amazon Jeff Bezos owned Washington post article titled “White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes”

Where it sites “White House officials have tried to pressure U.S. immigration authorities to release detainees onto the streets of “sanctuary cities” to retaliate against President Trump’s political adversaries, according to Department of Homeland Security officials and email messages reviewed by The Washington Post.”

Trump never once said this, and it’s some shaky Washington post e-mail they are citing without showing the email in the post. At best the wash post article says, it was never a serious idea. The idea was “floated” and rejected. But if you know the full story under current immigration law, these illegals who are coming flooding the system, must be released into the US with a court date to appear. Most never show up. So maybe Trump said as a joke we should release them into sanctuary cities because of this horrible law. You have to look at things in full context but I’d say this is 90% fake news. And fails to even mention his full statement. In video he is criticizing sanctuary cities why would he want to release illegals into them. No video footage, this is a weak story they are trying to sensationalize and promulgate .

Trump: Partisan hack.

To paraphrase J.T.Kirk, Stephen Miller should not be in the WH. He should be in a circus freak show. Right next to the dog-faced boy.

NYPD tried the same tactic on OWS. They dropped off homeless people at the park. On one of the rare occasions when the MSM screwed up and actually TALKED to OWS about it, the response was, “Fine. Drop them off. We’ll feed them and clothe them.”

gandolf, ALL politicians are partisan hacks. It’s part of the job description.

I just watched this mf say this and he was not joking. Even if he was not 100% serious it is a flagrant abuse of power and a further indication of his unfitness for the office he holds. He knows how to walk a very thin line but he will trip over it in time. How can you possibly find cause to defend him?