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'Despicable': Wells Fargo Bashed for Plans to Cash In on Global Climate Crisis

'Despicable': Wells Fargo Bashed for Plans to Cash In on Global Climate Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While most Americans are increasingly alarmed about the human-made climate crisis, Wells Fargo—the big bank known for "ripping off" college students and investing in "shady" industries—is under fire for approaching it as a way to make more money.

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Another symptom of the disease of greed. Is there a Doctor in the house?

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They owe it to shareholders to invest in the profitability of climate catastrophe. That’s capitalism.

You owe itt o yourself to pull your money out of banks and put it in a credit union. That’s activism.


In the system called Capitalism , the greatest return on investment are made in sectors in crisis. The greater the crisis the more money to be made. This rewards what is “bad behaviour”.

In the for profit health care sector as example, the more people with Cancers or Heart disease the greater the potential revenues when treating the same.

With Climate Change the greater the scope of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and wildfires, the more profits to be made when rebuilding.

With relationships between Countries , the greater the level of military engagements the more profits to be made fueling the war machine.

The world is in crisis because crisis is seen as profitable and wealth inequality increases because the 1 percent are in fact sociopaths and DESIRE that crisis. Forget Russia and China, Forget “terrorists” and “illegal immigrants”. The real enemy is the 1 percent and is the system that by design creates that 1 percent and rewards them over any other group. A Countries borders make no difference. The 1 percent the enemy no matter the Country they hail from.


Absolutely! We have that power. It is absolute. Voting may not be but where we store our money is an absolute choice. We do not have to do banking business with the oligarchs in this country. They continue to divest people of they hard earned money through outrageous usury fees and deceitful investment practices. It’s a CONSUMER economy. Therein lies the power for change.

An example of learned helplessness: The bank (just one) is apparently within its legal rights to act this way.
It’s a corporation but, instead, is to be considered as an asteroid. Just one (again) of hundreds of examples.

The above are so right on – take your out these criminal banks! Stop supporting them! Use your local credit Unions and local smaller banks. You have no right to complain about the 1 % if you are supporting them! Seriously – get your out of these too-big-to-jail banks. It is a hassle, might take a bit of your time but stop supporting them including credit cards. Gopherit

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Despicable? No, this is criminal. But then, in the beginning, capitalists got their first injection of cash, property, and power through lies, theft, and murder and they are still at it. Why even try and change this system? It is bereft of any value whatsoever. All that can be said that is good about the current capitalist system is that the skeleton left behind after the carcass has been picked clean will leave something for the working class to build on. Don’t count on this beast to reform itself and take pity on the rest of us, it is incapable of doing such a thing. It is not “reform or revolution” but “socialism or barbarism”!