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Despite 90% Population Plunge, Trump Admin Refuses Monarch Butterflies Endangered Species Protection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/despite-90-population-plunge-trump-admin-refuses-monarch-butterflies-endangered

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Gotta save those pardons for the likes of Gen. Flynn.

I read a book some time ago about a woman who visited one of those death camps after the second world war. She went into a number of box cars to see piles of childrens shoes. Another was filled with human hair. What struck her the deepest and made her heart ache the most was the barracks themselves. The Children had drawn thousands and thousands of butterflies on the wall , this to remind them of their better times.

In a world run by Trump , the Children would not have even been allowed that.


In 38 days, Trump will be a footnote in the history books.

The Monarch Butterfly will outlive the likes of Donald Drumpf whose family name will be associated forever with "Loser."

In 38 days, with the shame of his responsibility for 300,000 Americans dying unnecessarily because of his own incompetence, Donald Drumpf will become an endangered species of scum which no one but the most ardent racist supporters will give two shits about.


On our organic farm we usually grow a field of large zinnias to fill in the bouquets of cut flowers. In times gone by there would be literally thousands of butterflies, swallowtails, fritillary, monarchs, skippers fluttering around and working the zinnias. Half of which were monarchs.

For the 2020 season there were few butterflies. Now and then a skipper, a couple fritill ary, a few swallowtail but no Monarchs at all.

Later in the fall there were a few Monarch caterpillars eating away at the milkweed leaves however not enough to make a difference.

Unless this was just an unusual off year it looks like all of the butterflies are in for trouble and especially the Monarchs.