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Despite A Year of Grief and Death, "We Are Here and We Will Never Leave"


Despite A Year of Grief and Death, "We Are Here and We Will Never Leave"

With Palestinians facing staggering losses - the nation-state law, the Jerusalem embassy, the raids, arrests, demolitions, the hundreds of unarmed civilians killed and 30,000 injured, largely in Gaza's ongoing Great March of Return protests - 2018 was the year "Israel finally went completely rogue," and formally became an authoritarian apartheid state. From the daily and nightly hell of the Occupation, Palestinians hold fast to a concise message: "Sumud, steadfastness."


In addition to the casual brutalities inflicted daily upon the Palestinians, the Zionist entity, through its useful idiots in Congress, is hoping to selectively revoke the parts of the US Constitution’s First Amendment that it finds bothersome.

We’re getting to the point where merely reporting on Israel’s acts of terrorism will be defined as “terrorism.”

BDS! Now more than ever! “Sumud” indeed.


Dear Israel ; If you truly believe that there are ,“chosen people, " and that only Jewish people
can fulfill the “chosen,” moniker, then I am sorry for you. There are chosen people in every nation and in every religion, or even with no religion at all. It takes a lot of work to be a chosen person-----but these chosen people never see the ,” other. " They see another human being. Kindness is a stronger force than any claim to being chosen. But if any choose to be “chosen,” then patience, kindness and the ability to listen would put anyone on the right path. . : )


Even as the Zionist State of Israel was very much the same 30 years ago as it is today , it only now that the true nature of the State of Israel becomes clear to a lot of the people. This is what the State of Israel always was and that they become ever more emboldened with carrying out their acts of aggression and mass murder it THAT which is slowly turning the public against them.

There are a whole lot of people being STOMPED on by the more powerful in every area of this Earth and now that they recognize that exercise of power via violence for what it is , they more clearly indersstand the true nature of the State of Israel.