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Despite Active Efforts to Make Child-Rearing Less Affordable, Paul Ryan Urges Americans to Have More Babies


Despite Active Efforts to Make Child-Rearing Less Affordable, Paul Ryan Urges Americans to Have More Babies

Julia Conley, staff writer

"We'll all get right on that once you allow for paid maternity and paternity leave."


Ryan wants more babies because more babies will result in a higher percentage of uneducated, impoverished Murkins who are more likely to sign up to be cannon fodder, fall for corporate propaganda and work for low wages.


Yup, just what is needed: more babies to go without health care, food (where’s CHIP, Lyin’ Ryan), shelter, clothing, public education, access to a university education (no funds) along with their parents and siblings struggling/suffering each and every day. After all, isn’t child care free for parents working two and three low wage jobs, you privileged prxxk? And low cost public transportation is accessible everywhere across the US isn’t it, you pompous Axx? Of course, if a newborn has any number of anomalies at birth or thereafter, he/she will be cared for from cradle to the grave through the generosity of the US Congress, right you SOB? And the life expectancy for future children will expand with all the free inoculations they will receive throughout childhood into adulthood, right you rancid reprobate?

Ryan is one loathsome malefactor and devil in a suit.


Paul Ryan is an absolute creep. This creep has lots of supporters in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

This idiot creep thinks that there is a job for anyone who wants one. The kids he wants born will grow up to have to work sixty hours a week and sleep in a car, if they could afford even that.

He will probably want to spew next about “welfare queens.”

Hey, welfare queens, are you going to have a lot of babies? I guess that is what saint Paul wants you to do.
Yes, the US needs more cannon fodder, for sure.


in addition, when he and his fellow pirates either privatize or defund Medicare, disband Medicaid, and decimate social security, there will not be enough people living long enough or have enough strength to live day-to-day to collect any of these “entitlements.” (I HATE that word because ones who feel they are and ARE the most entitled are Ryan and his ilk.)


…there is no such thing as a stupid question but I have one…how can someone be so dumb?..I know it’s just a game to him, to look stupid while stabbing America in the back but surely he realizes how dumb it makes him look…he really is evil…


While Ryan looks “dumb” to those of us who are not GOP fans, most of our local GOP fans have been gloating about how many lies the GOP gets away with. They look upon those lies as more points scored for their team but never question how they and their families are being impacted.


Atlas shrugged when shat out Paul Ryan.


When Ayn Rand was alive, she would have chosen “pretty boy” Lyin’ Ryan for her boy toy…and she was known to have had a veritable stable full at her beck and call; the younger, the better…well into her dotage. She also had a yen for lithe, young women from time to time to add a little spice, I guess. No wonder he adulates her:

Rand and Ryan sittin’ in a tree

First comes hate (for)
Then comes rage (at)

All of THAT (ugh) humanity*

*Note: humans comprising “humanity” as defined by R and R would be anyone NOT making million$$$ or more. They would deem their moneyed peers to be exceptions to receiving their spite and thus not part of “humanity.”


Given the current overburden on the Earth, shouldn’t we be applauding anything that results in fewer babies?


Well except if it involves nuclear war of course which seems to be the ‘solution’ the deep state seems more and more willing to take.


They are NOT entitlements. They are insurance programs that we have paid into or programs that we who really do pay our taxes (not the idle rich) pay to provide for those of us who are less fortunate. But then we’re actual human beings not whatever Ryan is.


Somehow I don’t think that’s what Ryan is concerned about.


Yes, very insightful. With their disdain for anyone they think of as “losers”–anyone they can beat down and take advantage of–they will take every example of victory or advantage as another sign of their superiority. Even inheriting becomes a sign of personal superiority in their insane world. They will be the end of civilization and millions of species unless we stop them now. Every position they take, every word they utter, every action and reaction is exactly the wrong direction in their flight from sanity.

And while their followers are oblivious to the direction society is taking in terms of ecological security and overall human health, they’re all too conscious of their own position relative to those they despise and those they envy. Dominance and submission are the only positions and impacts that register in their feeble, dichotomized brains.


While this bit from Ryan is predictable–groups being outpopulated by others always turn to pronatalist rhetoric and policy–it’s also utterly moronically insane.

While it is utterly insane to be pushing population increase, our numbers are not the problem. With the climate crisis and every other ecological problem (and therefore all other problems) being caused by a very small group of very rich people, those are the lives we need to change, through government policies on energy, agriculture, forestry, industry, equality…

PS And by rich I mean the richest few percent of people on Earth, that includes almost everyone posting here.


more people in the labor pool keeps the costs down for the corporatists and capitalists as there is more competition for the remaining jobs. this is his goal. and more foder for the military to recruit when they cannot find civilian jobs that pay a liveable wage.
the environmental health of this planet depends on having a declining population, however, at this point, as does survival of so many species, probably including us.
ryan is an evil fool, but this is not news. there is a decent democrat running against him this time who deserves our support. let’s rid ourselves of this troublesome pest in 2018


Have more kids so they can prop up entitlement programs - that, Mr.Ryan, is one of the dumbest arguments for having kids out there.


Ryan is specifically talking about white people having more kids.


Paul Ryan, just another moron in public office, I am so sick of these money groveling, ruthless, ignoramuses we have elected to office…Ah since we elected them we can vote them OUT, VOTE 2018, 2020 rid ourselves of corporatist cock sucking fools like Ryan who gets his economic policy from works of fiction. DESTROY!


Hey Ryan, you dumb schmuck, the only reason you want more babies is
that you want 15 billion + people around the world scrambling and fighting each other over
for the few jobs that are left, particularly after robots and automation that YOU SUPPORT
(more profits,i.e. less labor costs) come about…
Did anyone ever tell you you are a schmuck, to put it mildly??
oh, and tell CNN that their website talking about your political plans for the future are
very wise if you plan to “run” (i.e. be selected) for U.S. §Resident…is not appreciated.
we nobodies are supposed to care about his “legacy”???we already KNOW what his legacy is–
misery for us nobodies…anyway, if he does become §Resident, and a good chance he will,
God help those who will be around then…hopefully, I won’t be.
oh, and no happy holidays for you SCROOGE