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Despite All Warnings and Delays, Shell Announces Arctic Drilling To Begin


Despite All Warnings and Delays, Shell Announces Arctic Drilling To Begin

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Royal Dutch Shell on Tuesday announced that it was all systems go and—despite all warnings and protest—would begin active drilling in the Arctic.


This insanity won’t be made right thru politics and government bodies. What this is about is the complete injustice and jungle mentality of our chief economic system, capitalism. The first law of capitalism is that a profit must be made. The first law doesn’t say anything about the consequences of this law. Whether it benefits all or even the barest majority is inconsequential. If the environment and the health of all living beings on the planet suffers so that corporations don’t lose their god given right to make a profit, then the law is the law. Challenge that law and prepare to be sued. Submit to your fate you sacrificial whiners.


Boycott, divest and substitute — I haven’t spent one cent on Shell products since this news started breaking. Will you join me?


Good grief, Matt. Did you just crawl out of hibernation? Or haven’t been paying attention? It hasn’t been possible to"elect good people to office" for several decades, and the US Supreme Court has made it only more impossible in recent years. Trying to accomplish anything in electoral politics is like playing a card game in which the deal is that the other guy shuffles, cuts and deals the cards, makes the rules, and is entitled to change the rules at any time (kinda like Calvinball). Only a sucker keeps playing, hoping sheer luck will at last deliver a victory (but I have ace, king and queen of the same suit! Oh shit, he says now aces are low). I think direct action is our best hope–but we need a whole lot more of it.


And the inevitable destruction and ruin of the Chukchi Sea, all marine and land life begins…it is only a matter of time. What do you think that any of the workers on the oil rig will be doing in the event of a disaster while the winds howl, the snow flies, waves swamp the rig (before it ices up), temperatures are well below zero, and/or their rig is locked in ice? Yeah, wait for that ice breaker? Employ unlearned (ala Deep Water Horizon workers) safety precautions? Meanwhile the oil spews forth poisoning all in its path and spraying dispersant (ala DWH in the Gulf of Mexico) is not an option (nor should it ever be because it is only cosmetic).

Again, only a matter of time.