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Despite Anti-American 'Baiting' by NYT, Sanders Makes 'No Apologies' for Opposing Reagan-Backed Death Squads

Despite Anti-American 'Baiting' by NYT, Sanders Makes 'No Apologies' for Opposing Reagan-Backed Death Squads

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In response to what one observer described as "anti-American baiting" by a New York Times reporter over the weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders refused to shy away from his record of opposition to Reagan-backed death squads and coup plotters in Nicaragua throughout the 1980s.


Sydney Ember, the author of this slimy McCarthyite hit piece, is a former analyst at BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory, a factoid her NYT bio conveniently leaves out.


" While some characterized Sanders’s sharp responses as rude and unbecoming of a presidential candidate]…"

What a fucking joke! Are those “some” even aware of the HATE the Dumbf puts forth on a daily basis?! My GAWD! this country has gone totally IN-FUCKING-SANE!!!


After Trump what would constitute “behaviour unbecoming of a Presidential candidate”?
Did he mock the disabled, dishonour a veteran, pay-off a hooker or grab a pussy?


Or call for the total annihilation of an entire country?!


Sydney Ember understands, but being an employee of the Fourth Estate that supports the Amerikan, Fourth Reich, Sydney cares more about keeping her job than reporting the truth of Bernie’s words!


‘…keeping her job…’


Half a century of intense propaganda impunity at the federal level does have consequences. The ‘wannabes’ who latch onto lining their pockets with the ginning of predatory ideologies get slimier and reproduce their tripe faster than rabbits.

What is a country to do when the social contract is shredded for breakfast by twits like Sydney whatsit? This sort of societal/individual failure now predominates.

Nice to"feel the Bern". Thanks Senator Sanders!




Thank you for that piece of information. Gotta laugh… the Agency Spy link requires you to register in order to read the piece. I have no intention of “registering”. You provide material for a potential ‘Part II’ - which, in my opinion could be a story on surveying the current class of ilk like Sydney Ember landing on the fourth estate. They seem to be squatting - pardon the pun.

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Make that three countries ( North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran)… and more to come!


Is it “Anti-American” to be opposed to the concept of Empire which is born, bred, and sustained on the premise of conquest?


So, the US supported a string of right wing fascist governments, it unleashed a vast right wing terror network that spanned a continent and Central America that killed hundreds of thousands of people, it created a terror state for journalists, union organizers, activists and politicians on the left, but BERNIE is the one that should be on the defensive because people in the crowd at a protest against that state violence and fascism said a bunch of words in unison that strongly critiqued what the state was doing. In Nicaragua, the fascist elements the US supported were found guilty of terrorism for mining the damn harbor. THIS perfectly illustrates the how intellectually bankrupt the dominant media is. The NYT does do good journalism at times, but that at this point is the exception, and when we need it most, it supports and provides cover for some of our worst foreign policies. Multiple coups it supported, the war in Iraq, the destabilization of Venezuela, what happened in East Timor and its utter lack of coverage, etc. Chomsky won this debate, the NTY is exactly what he said it was decades ago.


Another mark on the wall why this man has my vote. I am having to use another wall now, this one is full.


Sorry, Shantiananda. There are SO MANY countries to destroy and so little time, eh? WHY is that asshole not in either prison or a mental ward! Also, I was on the fence about impeachment but since this recent filth coming out of the cretin’s mouth, I say: IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!


Here’s the relevant bit from the NYT Not surprising that a lightweight business hack doesn’t take kindly to the socialist Bernie.

“Sydney Ember takes on the advertising and marketing beat. A former analyst at BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory group, Sydney has spent the last year writing DealBook’s morning newsletter, a daily exercise that has her up at 4:30 a.m. synthesizing financial news pouring in from around the globe. In her spare time, she has written stories for both DealBook and the media desk, including a series of insightful articles on bitcoin.”


Johnson sez:
“While some characterized Sanders’s sharp responses as ‘rude’ and unbecoming of a presidential candidate …”

I followed the links to discover “some” are the usual Twitter critics, stepping up to dutifully torch the straw man created by the Times scribe. Fanning the Embers, as it were.


I know lots of people that say they are progressive but support capitalism. So, what if I did to them, or candidates like them running now, what they do to Bernie. What if I said, “Oh, you like capitalism, you must have then supported what Pinochet did in Chile.” They would say no, I am for a different type of capitalism, they would probably give some nuance and I would just ignore them. Then, every time they did an interview with a left wing outlet they get asked the same question, over and over again, “Do you support Chile’s Pinochet? Do you want to turn the US into right wing Colombia? You say you support capitalism, and is modern Colombia not led by the far right? Was Chile under Pinochet not capitalist?” And the left media just ignored them time and time again, asking the same questions. It would be obvious that the questions where actually rhetorical, and it would appear to those people to be absurd, because it is.

These questions were rhetorical. A logical person would know not to ask them in that way, cause a logical and a moral person would know that the real scandal was what the US was doing to those countries, not chants in a crowd. And, besides, if strongly critiquing what the US was doing then was “anti-American”, then logically what we were doing to Nicaragua and the right wing fascists we were supported constituted the “pro-American” position. Logically, that seems to be the case.


Bernie’s responses to Sydney Ember were phucking spot on.


Yes. The NYT’s red-baiting wasn’t rude, but Sanders’s response was? It’s all of a piece, in an Alice-in-Wonderland-style inversion, just as those who commit war crimes are let off scot-free, while those who blow the whistle on war crimes are imprisoned, prosecuted and tortured.