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Despite Atrocities, US Approves $1.29 Billion Deal to Re-Arm Saudi Arabia



It may be illegal under International law, but what does that have to do with it? Saudi Arabia is one of the most egregious and thuggish political regimes in the world, but they have the money to pay the US war profiteers and besides; they are our thugs!

Worth posting again:

"Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or International as a constraint on its actions. Washington is the " Exceptional Indispensable, " no one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will. In its claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich."
Paul Craig Roberts


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"'It is illegal under US and international law to transfer weapons to human rights abusers, or to forces that will likely use it to commit gross violations of human rights.'"

Since Lippmann and Bernays trained the American public to view the Germans as subhuman "Huns" to facilitate America's entrance into the Great War (to safeguard banking debts owed by France and Russia) the enemy is "subhuman" by definition. Therefore, all enemies of Empire are not afforded human rights. The logic of greed and hate is very tight--and quite perverse.


US complicity, funding, arming, and collusion with war crimes is thus proven, the US military/political/corporate arms conglomerate is, as any paying even the least attention can see, complicit to Saudi war crimes against civilians in Yemen, atrocities and repression, as well as the Sunni Saudis funding/supporting Sunni Daesh!


When the CIA got away with the US coup d' etat in 1963, that put the nail in the coffin for any hope to restrain the war profiteers and their war mongering cheerleaders. Ever since, the US in its foreign policy, has been a fascist, military dictatorship. And I was thoroughly convinced of this when in March of 2003 millions and millions of people like me protested the bogus invasion of Iraq...to no avail and now we hear the war criminals that were behind this invasion like Bush, Cheney and HRC and so many others are not culpable as war criminals, even though they slaughtered so many innocent Iraqi's, not to mention US troops, because they had " BAD INTELLIGENCE "!


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That is because it has become the US Fourth Reich on the steroids of advanced technology, no different from the Third Reich, but with enhanced abilities to cause ever more destruction and repression, both at home and abroad.
* The multi-billionaires and trillionaires think it is just fine, however.


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Got to ask, how many will be used on America and its other allies?


Is it just me or does shit seem precariously unstable to the point of being as fragile as anytime since missle crisis or even since ww2?


Well they have sort of always been like that though...
Gorbechev is still around, is he saying anything?


O.k. Name a "good" leader?
And didnt Gorbechev kinda help disassemble, relatively peacefully, a nuclear empire ?


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Ah, i see, but isn't that contadictory? Since he is the leader of that?


It would be so morally and ethically positive if the US would get back on the track of rule by law. The US government has no more right to flout the law than an ordinary person does. It is beyond hypocritical for the DOJ to prosecute an individual for breaking the law when the American government does the same thing all the time.


Perhaps it for Job creation??. More jobs for undertakers, embalmers, doctors, weapons manufacturers, air-craft, drones, replacement housing, and all towards the global NWO that the elite want as a prize for the elite corporate TPP dictators?


Shucks, maybe they'll get some of Sanders' F-35s and make for jobs for folks in VT!