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Despite Brush-Off From Trump, More Than Half of Voters Say His Conflicts of Interest Illegal or Wrong


Despite Brush-Off From Trump, More Than Half of Voters Say His Conflicts of Interest Illegal or Wrong

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As news outlets continue to map out President Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest, a new poll reveals that more than half of U.S. voters believe he's done something illegal or unethical by continuing to retain ownership of his business empire.


Yes Trump's conflict of interest is a real issue not his "Russian connection" some are trying to amplify.


The real Russian connection is related to his business interests with the Russian Mafia and the millions he owes to them. Also he owes millions to China banks. Perhaps now that he is in position to bomb both countries he can renegotiate the terms.

Recently the brother of his son in law made an offer to purchase the Marlins. They have not agreed on price. Trump then offered to make the owner of the Marlins an ambassador which allows him to defer capital gains tax forever pretty much. This could help lower the price the Marlins owner is willing to accept if the offer is conditional. Big win for his son in laws brother if it happens

Trump has threatened Amazon with a breakup. Ivanka merchandise is now a top seller on Amazon. Coincidence?

Who benefits during a Real Estate crash? Property developers who are cash rich.

Want to play the market? Running the Presidential Plunge Protection Team is good security . As is his influence over the Fed.


An approval rating in the 40's seems alarmingly high to me...


That would make him a criminal to be impeached and imprisoned, why is congress quite about all this, i wonder


That's probably due to the inclusion of the Rasmussen Poll that more than likely has his approval rating at 110%....


Your summary is outstanding and spot on! Thank you.


As for the voters having any influence over investigation and prosecution of the emperor over his conflicts of interest and use of the presidency for self aggrandizement, nothing has or will come of it as long as the GOP controls all three branches of the government. And we know the AJ is a useless tool.