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Despite Christchurch Massacre and Others, Trump Refuses to Join 'Unprecedented' Global Effort to Tackle Racist Extremism Online


Despite Christchurch Massacre and Others, Trump Refuses to Join 'Unprecedented' Global Effort to Tackle Racist Extremism Online

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The White House announced Wednesday it will not join a global initiative, launched in the wake of a massacre in New Zealand two months ago, to tackle online terrorist and extremist content.


Why would anyone expect the worlds most dangerous terrorist to join an anti-terrorist organization???


"To be honest, I do not understand the United States,"

PM Ardern, many of us living here are clueless on that as well!


The current Administration, and even the one before it, have turned so many hard hearts, deaf ears, and closed minds to the ongoing gun crisis in the U.S. Second Amendment freaks are so wrapped up in their “freedom” in the 2nd Amendment; it covers 18th century technology. the First Amendment covers radio, TV, and the internet. The Fourth Amendment covers electronic wiretapping and video surveillance. Why has the 2nd Amendment not been allowed to catch up? It really only covers flintlock rifles.


It’s that pesky Constitution, what with all the freedom of speech and right to bear arms, people being secure in their persons, houses etc.

Get rid of that and the government will be all powerful pacifying anyone who dares not to be compliant.


You win!


I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say that I don’t think Trump or the U.S. in general should sign up for this. This whole thing feels very slippery slope. Look I get it that these massacres are horrible and I am glad that unlike the U.S., New Zealand is actually looking into meaningful ways to deal with extremism, but I don’t think continuing the slippery slope of online censorship is the way to do it. I do however support actions like the ban on semiautomatic weapons that Arden has passed however. I think that is the direction we should be taking.


Hate and fear are his Trump cards.


Not if your the NSA it doesn’t.


“To be honest, I do not understand the United States,” … Well, Prime Minister, the country has been taken over by a Crime Family and are supported by elected Congress Members for their own personal gains, who do nothing to stop it. Corruption, Greed and Hate are rampant and have been pushed to the forefront by Trump, who lies to the people of this country on a an hourly basis using a Social Media platform called Twitter. Our Laws have gone by the wayside which was pre-planned. Our Media has been told to print false News, and most of the population believe what they read and hear. I can not think of one good thing to mention about the Dark Times we are living in, and see no light at the end of any tunnel. There is no Resistance by the people in any meaningful way to try to stop this Coup. It’s sad that this once great country that the world respected only has one goal: to declare War on other counties just to steal their resources. I would imagine your country is in much better shape. Look at America closely and do not make the same mistakes we the people have made. I wish you well, and warn your people!


In the near future, outside of England and Canada the rest of the world will just ignore America. It just feels that way.


M, have you read SC cases on the limitations on free speech?
If you were the owner of the online platform that a psycho wants to use to chronicle his rampage in murdering innocent people and urges his “comrades” to follow him in action, would you indeed run it?


I see the hoards of Jews being rounded up. Few were armed and went to their doom without a whimper. Then there were those that hid out until they could gather up, arm themselves, and fight the tyranny, not simply succumb to it.
Talk at that point is mute. I refuse to die at the hands of some fascist asshole without taking a shitload of them along with me. Sounds like you may feel the same lamonte.

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Well said comrade.


I don’t know if Lamonte feels that way but I sure as hell do. There is a time for Gandhi and there is a time for Sir William Wallace!


The problem would be a stark one if our only defense in the kitchen butter knife.


And THAT is why I am on the fence about weapons control.


I been thru that. It was commies tho in Eastern Europe. I was born into it so i didn’t know any better. Figured it out as i grew up. Got some payback when it all came crashing down 1989. Just enough to feel better but also stay on the right side of the law.


Drama and fear as the driving meme in a well rehearsed one act play can suck most of the audience in , not because of the award winning performance ,but because the actress knows that the majority of the audience has fear stored just below their delicately constructed facades .
The " What If" scenario is at the heart of the American psyche.

Greed keeps capitalism in place because of the one in a zillion " what if " chance that the average joe can join the one percent crowd.
Both parties always give the military as much money as they ask for because of the " what if " factor .
And guns provide a false sense of security because " what if" somebody were to drive their truck into the restaurant where i am enjoying my quiet meal.


Insurance,( a weapon in some cases), is for IF your house has a fire. IF you have a car accident. Or IF you have a crappy warranty.
Owning a weapon eliminates the monthly payment forever.
Restaurant insurance would have a monthly bill.
Home invasion isn’t likely in most locals, but civil unrest has been getting worse and worse over the decades. And with Trump anything is possible.
And of course we take chances from time to time. Will your car get key scratched if you dare to have a Bernie sticker, or your house egged if you have a yard sign. That’s just the little stuff.