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Despite Claims From Officials, Demonstrators Say Police, Not Protesters, Are Real 'Outside Agitators'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/01/despite-claims-officials-demonstrators-say-police-not-protesters-are-real-outside


“The truth is, your protest threatens all of the powerful: the police, the politicians, and the oligarchs.”

That quote by Benjamin Dixon… says it all!


This is why we called them PIGS years ago! Defund and defang all police departments nation wide now! Peace


The USA is in the midst of its final reckoning. Hundreds of years of terrorism against its own black citizens coming to a head. A pandemic running rampant with a citizenry of enough fools to spread it for their “freedoms.” An economic system collapsing daily now for the average citizen. Add to all that a bunch of racist white nationalists just itching for another civil war lead by a president who is outright daring them to start shooting anyone they hate. Ironically their hatred is really for themselves simply projected outward onto racist targets. But it is doubtful such folks will ever wake up to see that truth and will blindly continue on until their violence burns the USA to the ground. We are living in the darkest moments of my adult lifetime now as I am 65 years old, which are simply a continuation of a country founded on genocide and slavery and abject greed. There is no saving it and it would be foolish and insane to save such a system. The only question is what will come out of the ashes as it burns to the ground, assuming there is any thing to rebuild as climate change seeming ramps up exponentially. I only hope the protestors can maintain a peaceful nonviolent response as the cops continue their violent assault upon them.


Good article on this very subject:



Don’t be surprised if Trump is hiring some of his 2nd Amendment buddies to warm things up.

The “Inciter-in-Chump” Trump wants to rule this country by using any means possible.


Sadly, we are not going to change hearts and minds of our generation.
We have to make sure the younger generations know the score, and how they can change it.
Institutional bigotry is a hard nut to crack. Greed follows the same pattern.


I watched LA Mayor Garcetti talk on TV about having a peaceful, civil dialogue instead of violent demonstrations to redress this police brutality issue.

How had that been working? Garcetti’s tactic resulted in one incident of murder-by-police after another.

Yoo hoo, Mr Mayor, do we have your attention now?


I still want to know who the Umbrella man is and who he works for


They sure as hell need to be demilitarized and be forced to pass deep psychological exams to keep their jobs



Agitators and agents provocateur - which brings me to the so-called Umbrella Man who ommitted and incited vandalism breaking AutoZone windows in Minnie, but has yet to my knowledge been positively identified and arrested.
The cops claim he isn’t one of theirs but they are letting the story die and apparently are doing nothing to ID and investigate - a sure tip they know who the agent is, or do not want to know! - failure to investigate and ID the vandal with the umbrella, who had an influence on fomenting destruction and looting where none was in progress - his MO? - to “justify” police violence and vilify protesters to the willful murder of George Floyd!

Identify the Umbrella Man and his affiliations! NOW!



Well THAT is interesting !

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And yet, Garcetti is proposing a city budget that includes $3 BILLION for the police while everything else is getting cut to the bone because of COVID! Follow the money if you want to know the man’s true intentions!


Can you get a more specific link? Just saw various comics there.

Sorry - I thought I knew how to create a link to a specific image on a page, but it didn’t seem to work. I was trying to point you to Charles Barsotti’s famous cartoon with the caption “Come now, give the system a chance” that I thought you’d enjoy.

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As an old lefty who had ridden the rails during the Depression, philosophically a committed socialist although a successful small-scale capitalist by trade, pointed out to me in San Francisco in the early 1970s, that’s a major insult to pigs, who are actually pretty clean and all-around pleasant creatures.


Busting the cops:

“After St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter claimed Saturday morning that 80% of those arrested in his city were out of state, reporters investigated, finding no evidence to support the statement. The mayor walked back the comments later that evening, saying he had been misled by police.”


Who would have better knowledge of whether a lot of the protesters were total strangers than the protesters themselves? Did ANY of the cops ANYwhere produce ANY credible evidence to support their claim? And what difference does it make? What is their game? Are they trying to say that most of the protesters were not protesters at all but paid provocateurs? Paid by whom for what purpose? SOME of them may be, but most anyone who has been protesting for any length of time has learned to smell them a block away. A few cops have some acting talent, but they are few and far behind,

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Early on, a certain policeman was identified by his Ex as that man (who was in police uniform), but later it was decided it wasn’t him, but someone not local. Previous estimates of out-of-staters among Minnesotans arrested was >80%, but the statistics in this article contradict that, so who knows what’s true?