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Despite Climate Commitments, US Companies Funding Climate Deniers


Despite Climate Commitments, US Companies Funding Climate Deniers

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

U.S. companies are saying one thing on climate policy and funding quite another, according to a new Reuters investigation.


Money is free$$peech, got some?


We clearly have the best government that corporate money can buy.


I would be more concerned about companies funding the groups that are putting out stuff to turn voters into climate deniers. It is because there are so many voters who are climate deniers that there are so many Republican candidates who are climate deniers. With all those millions of voters being climate deniers efforts to fight climate change on the federal level have been left almost completely to President Obama who does realize the threat presented by climate change and has taken a number of steps to deal with this threat including the Clean Power Plan and signing the Paris climate agreement.


And wars profits that can pay them back.


No surprise here. Hypocrisy is rampant in the increasingly blatant corruption of the "elite".


I seems that Freud was right in identifying a death instinct!


Please enlighten us as to Freud's theory on the death instinct?


Sen. Inhofe holds up a snowball as proof that global warming does not exist, and in Oklahoma they buy that hook, line, and sinker.


Uncle Sam's favorite corporations spend their gifts from the citizens on undermining the citizens.

Federal Grants & Allocated Tax Credits:
"The federal contractor with the most grants and allocated tax credits is General Electric, with $836 million, mostly from the Energy and Defense Departments ... DuPont $112,187,951"

Federal Loans, Loan Guarantees and Bailout Assistance:
General Electric $28,488,325,835
Verizon Communications $1,479,200,000

Source: Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations: Identifying the Large Companies that Dominate Federal Subsidies