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Despite Coronavirus Threat, Americans for Prosperity Still Leads Fight Against Medicaid Expansion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/13/despite-coronavirus-threat-americans-prosperity-still-leads-fight-against-medicaid

Damn the Kochs to the Hell which I do not believe exists.
Any news on that front, David?

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Here’s a true story for prospective. As a firefighting local union president in the 1980’s, the state ff. assn. was trying to get a small piece of safety legislation for firefighters only, passed in the state. I contacted my local representative who was happy to sponsor the bill, and went to the capital with other local presidents the day it was being voted on. We watched from the cheap seats as the bill was defeated. After the vote I talked to my legislator and asked what happened. He informed me the Mississippi Manufacturing Assn. defeated the bill. So I approached a lobbyist for this group and asked why they were against the bill, since it didn’t affect the organization he lobbied for at all, and only pertained to civil service firefighters, his answer blew me away.
“We are against anything that helps workers, even if it’s not our workers”.
I had to be restrained by the other local presidents.

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Should Americans for Prosperity be renamed Americans for Prosperity of the Rich?

A few Covid-19 “Kamikaze pilots” might drive the message home.