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Despite Court Ruling and Drift Concerns, EPA Approves Use of Dicamba Products on Soybeans and Cotton for Five Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/despite-court-ruling-and-drift-concerns-epa-approves-use-dicamba-products-soybeans

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Not much left of the old Environmental Protection Agency inspired by Rachel Carson and JFK - is there ?

Hard for me personally to believe there is much left of a democracy in the USA.

The military complex doesn’t do politics well - so they leave it to those so inclined.

On the other hand - politics goes nowhere without the iron arm of the most powerful military, anywhere, anytime.

Makes you wonder about the claim of civilian control of the military - a logical absurdity it would seem.


Don’t buy this crap—soybean oil is poison----how much clothing do you need???we should go to hemp clothing.


Unfortunately this poison causes damage to a wide variety of crops – even peach orchards, at least one of which won a lawsuit against Bayer-Monsanto. ~https://www.reuters.com/article/us-bayer-dicamba-lawsuit-idUSKBN20A0JJ

We must work to wrest agriculture from the behemoths and give it back to those who farm with respect for the planet.


This is how a minority elected authoritarian/fascist government works.


So true.

I had a hemp workshirt once. It was a good tough denim fabric that lasted longer than the usual cotton. Once production and pricing get solved, or money is abolished, I would happily use the ancient superior hemp version for many products.


Lets all fight in a sporting match.
America challenges India to a match of … of cricket, winner gets oil and humanitarian rights for one year. (LOL) Brought to you by Russia and Saudi Arabia. (I had to)
China leaves open challenge to all in table tennis for bragging rights.
Brasil Challenges America to a rodeo for , well you get it.
All in favor !?

Deere John,
You do NOT have to buy, grow, or use the products offered by these companies.
Many people, like me, will buy your produce (product). Especially, if you do not use them. Please look into alternatives. You will make money. You will make the World a better place. You will, I promise.


There’s a reason big pharma is making so much profit besides their high prices, “It’s all the toxins, stupid!”



thanks for the link to civil eats.

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Agent Orange without the Orange.

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It’s a win-win for the parasitical ratbastards who control DC. The chemical companies get to keep making these poisons, the white-suited agribusiness giants get to keep spraying them everywhere, and when millions more humans get cancer the sick care industry can rack ‘em up and knock ‘em down. Industrial diseases are profit centers. Patients are laid bare and all their wealth is extracted. Win win win all the way around for the parasites that snuck through the gates of civilization in the Trojan Horses of liberalism, market fundamentalism, libertarianism, and neoliberalism.