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Despite Deadly Pandemic, Trump Says: "We Don't Want Anybody to Do Mail-in Ballots"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/despite-deadly-pandemic-trump-says-we-dont-want-anybody-do-mail-ballots

From the article:

“As journalist A.J. Bayatpour noted on Twitter, “five states already have all-mail elections—Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.””

Maryland also has automatic vote-by-mail, and in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, voters can request a mail-in ballot without providing a reason.


States offer absentee ballots; my very conservative aunt and uncle used them almost every election, as they wintered in Alabama; friends of theirs also voted by absentee ballot from Florida. There is nothing inherently insecure about mail-in voting. the ballots are rightfully treated like gold. A mail-in program would be easy to get rolling, but it would make voting available to students, shut-ins, and the elderly, who mostly vote Democratic. That’s why the Trump cabal opposes making voting easier. Too bad it’s so easy to get a gun.


An odious little personality. His small hands are not the problem but the obvious fact of a lack of conscience, his sociopathic and dangerous disregard of others endangers us all.

From The NY Times:

Trump Will Withdraw From ‘Open Skies’ Arms Control Treaty

President Trump’s decision, the third major retreat from arms control agreements, will be viewed as evidence that he also plans an exit from the last major arms treaty with Russia: New START.


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Voting is an “honor” huh; obviously a brilliant Constitutional scholar-not. Didn’t learn much at the New York Military Academy did he; didn’t learn the discipline he was sent there for either.

I, for one, consider voting the Orange Apocalypse out of office a huge honor.

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A real Constitutional scholar would know that each individual state sets its own election laws, not the federal government. Sorry, Mr. Pwesident. I’m sure you’d be much happier if the world were as you wanted it to be, but where would that leave us?

small hands… small … (fill in the blank)

Hypocritical to the hilt as usual…Trump, Pence, Moscow Mitch, and most of their organized crime syndicate have been using mail-in ballots for years.

The most obvious thing would be …small hands…small brain.

The options are unlimited!

So pResident tRump thinks our men and women in the military commit voter fraud because the avail themselves of mail-in ballots.

What a fvcking prick.

Sounds like a quid pro quo.

The reason for mail-in ballots dummy, is we’re all in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Lord, is that man stupid.

Only a tyrant would spew negative edicts on a daily basis.

Trump needs to prove that enough fraud exists to mess with the states rights in this instance.