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Despite DNC Focus on Winning 'Biden Republicans,' New Poll Suggests Beating Trump 'All About Democratic Turnout'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/despite-dnc-focus-winning-biden-republicans-new-poll-suggests-beating-trump-all

Gosh, if only the Undemocratic party had a candidate who could inspire people.


I’m never voting again for a party that lies to me every single day, disrespects me in public and in private, and rejects everything I care about. Regardless of what the other party is offering.

To be clear, you can interpret the word ‘party’ above as applying to either the Democratic prty or the Republican party, as you prefer. The statements are true regardless.


There is no progressive party in the U.S. The democrats are now what the old republicans used to be - aka Republican Lite. The Republican party is now a right wing fringe group of tea partiers and other lunactics with a delusional vision of an america that never has existed and never will - and one that excluded most of us. It is way past time that any true progressive leave the democratic party and form a new party devoted to furthering the interests of humanity and our environment. Sanders could have done this and didn’t. That is a big, big failure. Do we have any national leaders with courage and determination left to lead this effort or how can we the people take up this necessary effort?


The devolution of presidential politics in America has come down to “pick your poison.”


This is news? It something many on these boards suggested would happen when Sanders was cheated out of the Nomination when running against Hilary R Clinton. Sanders would have beat trump in a cakewalk but the DNC preferred Trump over Sanders and offered up the corrupt Hilary Clinton. Millions of traditional Democrat supporters stayed home and a whole pile of those “centrists” the Democrats had courted for 5 years previous voted Trump.

They then spent the next 4 years claiming it all the fault of Russia.


Proof positive that democratic operatives are some of the stupidest people you could ever imagine.

What about “you can’t change the lizard brain, don’t they understand?” Repubs will not change their votes. Never.

Progressives will, independents will, young folks will…

The huge deficit in independent support puts biden in an unwinnable position at this point.


The DNC must be pushed to the Green New Deal progressives. The democrats have always blown it by trying to reach out or give into the right wing fascists demands. Clinton started this kiss ass policy and we got the stupid 3 strikes law and NAFTA out of it. NAFTA is responsible for northward migration of millions from Latin America and the 3 strikes has put over 2 million people behind bars (Kamela Harris) mostly for minor violations of possession of a marijuana joint. Bill Clinton was proud of putting hundreds of thousands of assassin cops on the beat too.

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Amen to that!

Yes indeed Sanders did have the perfect opportunity not once but twice to form a new party but didn’t, anyone care to comment?


The Duopoly has made it almost impossible for a third party to form.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are happily complicit in that endeavor.


Yes but the republicans are the ones with money, more of it, a lot more of it. So therein lies the truth as to why the corporate dems always try to sway the GOP members.

Democratic “strategist” focus on “winning Biden R’Cons” support is about as productive as teats on a bull. The DP apparatus of sellout betrayals and constant infuriating stupidity makes the progressive/Indy/left “base” want to choke the life out of them, the DP “leadership” and their candidates, not turn-out and support them - except maybe for this “election” fiasco to remove and evict the very present evil extremism of trump & co - that does not mean they respect the candidate team or party dungheads one iota - they will work hard to remove that stain of corrupt pathetic non-leadership at once, if in fact by miracle trump is defeated, and for the next 4 years!

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Biden is losing independents by 10%.
He’s making next to zero inroads with Republicans.

So how the hell does he have 10-point polling lead?


Hillary outspent Trump by a wide margin in 2016.
Biden is raising much more money than Trump now, especially from big donors.

Your argument doesn’t stand up.


The d-party operatives aren’t stupid.
They’re quite clever when it comes to their #1 priority: Raising money.
And nothing has been a bigger boon to fundraising than Donald Trump.


Two things: First, ain 't never gonna happen. If Biden is elected, the “Progressive base” will be precisely as energized as it was under Obama; i.e., not at all. Biden’s win will spell the end of Progressive activism in the US. The current surge of Progressive activism is due almost entirely to Trump (not even Sanders is as responsible). And that’s exactly why Democrats and the MSM are so eager to get rid of Trump: he’s bad for them. They don’t mind what he does at all – they mind the opposition he engenders.

Second, what you suggest is all wasted energy. Sanders proved that. No one is going to mount as successful an opposition to corporate Democrats as Sanders did. No one is going to generate as much mass support. No one is going to raise nearly as much non-corporate money. No one is going to have a better platform with more mass appeal than Sanders did. No one will build as efficient a machine as he did. No one will do it better. The rest of the left has never come anywhere near to doing what Sanders did. And in the end, Sanders accomplished less than nothing. The vast sums he raised will either (a) go to support Biden, (b) be taken by Sanders for his personal use once he leaves politics (I think that’s allowed), or (c ) both. None of that money will benefit progressive causes in the slightest. None of the Progressive causes – M4A, GND, student debt relief, defunding the military, etc., etc., are part of the Democratic platform and they never will be. Why try to reform the Democratic party? It wants to move to the right. Let it. Let go of it. It’s easier to fix the US than it is to fix the Democratic party.

That’s the lesson that Sanders taught us – and it’s worth learning. In fact, if people fail to learn that, then Sanders accomplished nothing at all. Nothing is better or different because of Sanders – unless one reflects on the real implications of his total, complete defeat. The lesson Sanders taught us is that the Democratic party is not on our side and never will be, regardless of how much we try and how smart we are.


Joe Biden is too busy counting all the Cash he is getting from the For- Profit Health Care Industry to pay attention to these Polls. His Campaign motto is: Medicare For All, NEVER.

These Corporate Democrats really think they are going to persuade Progressives to vote for them by parading out despicable characters like John Kasich and Colin Powell, who single-handily pushed us into the Iraq War.

The only thing that will get me to vote for Biden is if he has an Epiphany and endorses Medicare For All and fully embraces the Green New Deal.

These clowns really think they can convince Bigoted Republicans to abandon the Supreme Bigot in the White House. Hillary tried that idiotic idea and lost the election.

Chuck Schummer said in 2016:
“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

How did that plan work out for Hillary in 2016??

Obviously the current group of Corporate Dems are incapable of supporting Progressive ideas because it will jeopardize their Corporate Donations.

They would rather have Trump win and leave the Donations in place than support the Humanitarian ideas of Bernie Sanders.

Let me know if the Dems decide to embrace the Progressives, until then I will either vote for the Greens or Abstain. Colin Powell, indeed.


He’s got about a 7.6% (+/-3%) lead. Joe has a blue state lead of 10+%. The data coming from " the battleground states " is confusing, for sure.
Do you think Florida, Texas or Ohio are in play?
Whereas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, N. Carolina, Arizona, Montana, Neveda, Iowa…are certainly in play. According to the MSM pundits, anyway. Depends on the Polling Com., right?
A national Republican pollster for Trump said yesterday he expects to take back 24-28 House seats this cycle. And, only lose 3 Senate seats, too.
Just think; if they wipe out 400+ more hi-speed mail reading/sorting machines with monkeywrenching and parts bin sabotage, Republicans could have 58-60 Senators, 320+ House members and Trump as the 1st declared Emporer of the U S. For eternity, too.
And, some folks at CD would say, " I told ya’, I told you Biden would lose. I’m pretty smart, right? "


Maybe she had GOP donation too