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Despite Eyewitness Testimony and Photographic Evidence, US Navy SEAL Acquitted of War Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/despite-eyewitness-testimony-and-photographic-evidence-us-navy-seal-acquitted-war


Beyond this case, this mindset has returned to the “Homeland” with soldiers that reenter “civilian” society, often as “law” enforcement officers. This case is really just a tip on a very large iceberg.


Next Stop the White House for a Presidential Medal and Cheese Burger. Probably he will become a Drum Major for tRumps charde.


Anybody here surprised about this? Didn’t think so, criminals, murderers, etc, etc, seem to be immune from being held accountable for their crimes and other evil doings. Among them the orange monster AKA the prezidunce!


He went free on the same day a second trial was announced to RE-TRY Scott Warren for providing water and aid to refugees who were DYING on his property. (after a hung jury the first time.) I think the US has its priorities wrong.


So much is missing from the reporting of this murder. The “ISIS” prisoner involved was fifteen years old.


The portion of the human race under the sway of indo-european “culture” has out-lived the predatory song and dance turned into institutionalized religion known as MIC. This has been achieved thoroughly unconsciously due to the very simple and basic fact that we have so blindly reproduced and arrogated essential forms of equilibrium necessary as foundation for life. Now the faux system is killing the planet. I say ‘faux’ because it has lasted as long as it has because of the “ratio of impact” between the vast resources of Gaia, which are self-regulating, and the poisoning by a system that “externalizes” (arrogates/denies/willfully ignores the consequences of) realities. These consequences are now entering into exponential extrapolations.

One of the most egregious consequences is that the ‘gains’ of power obtained through the systemic application of denial of consequences, denial of values, denial of humanity of labor,to name just a few, enters a sociopathic and often psychotic feedback loop of extrapolation resulting in a psychosis of ‘invincibility’ - the myth of the ‘superman’ which then projects those ‘externalizations/denials’ in forms of deadly impoverishment - onto other human beings - as if they were ‘shortcomings’, less than human, not “deserving”, or incapable, when in fact it is the absolutely essential (to its narcissistic premises) vomiting of a weaponized psychosis - similar to bulimia or eating disorders.

The entire mushrooming of “philanthropy” is the single most stark reflection of this deadly disease. Look at the companies and individuals and the extent to which they “externalize” hideous abuses of the planetary community and human reasoning with devastating consequences that, ultimately, cannot be “externalized”.

Centuries and millennia of failure to realize that fear is not the basis on which to organize our communities and interactive engagement with all aspects of the planet have hit the wall. We don need to crack our heads on that wall - but we do need to engage the good struggle to CHANGE.


And, just as it was clear that Gallagher would go free, it is certain that Warren will be convicted - the only question is if he will be convicted of a minor infraction or a major felony.

Hopefully more folk will realize was a charade the US (In)Justice system is.


More impunity for US war criminals. So far, the only ones to serve time for US crimes against humanity are the folk who blew the whistle on these crimes.


“Navy SEALS” equals “Nazi SEALS.” I spit on their so-called “service.”


I’m sure there is a place for him in the CBP, taking care of refugees (aka migrants) on our southern border kept in for-profit concentration “facilities” - a perfect fit… or maybe a political career…

The CBP web site says about one third of those CBP “agents” are ex-military - their training and indoctrination from like-minded thug abusers makes them highly desirable to enforce regulations and deal with trouble-makers…or children.
War criminals and other killers have come home to America to continue their “service” in the CBP and local police forces.
“when in doubt, shoot first and ask questions later” - “engage and destroy the enemy”

“We have met the enemy, and he is us”

" Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."



A nation of laws?


I’m sure the Navy seal had children and coached his son’s baseball team. They always do.


Greatest military in the world.

And he’s one hell of a good Christian too, I bet. He not only is just criminal but he’s a murdering psychopath. What kind of person can go up to and stab another person to death?

Only a coward kills an unarmed person especially one who is wounded. As far as I’m concerned anyone killed in war is a murder. War is legalized murder.


War is a horrible way to solve problems. We have been brainwashed to accept it but it really should be unacceptable. Glorifying it is another big problem. The US civil war was a huge blood bath with lingering suffering and bitterness yet it was often glorified in both northern and southern minds. What a terrible, terrible thing.

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Unsurprisingly, NPR, which is no more that a Washington Consensus, right leaning cheerleader, reported on the case by inviting a former military judge who patted the military on the back for their excellent work for Just-US. NPR commentators hurled venom at me when I noted this bias and NPR’s disgraceful failure to present the sides of all the civilians that Gallagher murdered.



sigh------that all white uniform must have convinced all that that killer looked innocent.
Dark deeds and pristine uniforms seem to be a thing in America. : (