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Despite Front Seat to Last Four Decades of US Politics, Biden Repeats Claim That GOP 'Epiphany' Coming Soon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/despite-front-seat-last-four-decades-us-politics-biden-repeats-claim-gop-epiphany

“The only thing that stands in the way is Donald Trump,”

I thought he famously said, “nothing will fundamentally change”?

Personal note: Bye-Done is fundamentally a loser and full of political rhetoric with nothing to offer “We the People”, except more of the same misery.


After you offer up another Grand Bargain , maybe then Joe. If that doesn’t work you could offer up some corporate tax cuts.


Instead of these shallow news-aggregation cut and paste articles, why not do real journalism and show us how factually inaccurate Biden is?
Trump wasn’t in office for the eight years the GOP scum reflexively blocked Obama’s Republican Lite agenda.
The GOP has been playing hardball and not having “epiphanies” since the days of Nixon.
Joe, just STFU and retire from politics.


Oh, goody! I’m sure he has a plan for THAT! Why let the Rethugs have all the fun…and profits!

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Maybe he could room with Killery since they are so corruptibly alike.


This can only be attributed to Senility

Next subject - the good news.

New Monmouth National poll!!!

Biden 23% (-2)
Warren 23% (-5)
Sanders 20% (+5)

Bernie is in the process of surging.
Please note that Sanders and Warren combined are almost DOUBLE ByeDone.
DNC - DO NOT try to tell us that teh base is looking for ‘moderates’, ‘centrist’ or 3rd Way right wing ‘democrats’


Dementia is a tiresome thing. Really.


He thinks the nation can just go back to the status quo when we rid ourselves of Trump. The DNC leadership is truly obtuse.


It’s a joke, right? We should be laughing at this. We really should be laughing. Just like we should have laughed at Trump. Except that they are so obviously insane. Yet I doubt they escaped some flipping madhouse. They more likely flunked out.


Joe entered The Twilight Zone years and years ago. Now he’s slipping into The Twilight Zone’s Seniors Home. " Make it Stop! "; indeed, please…


“You will see an epiphany occur among many of my Republican friends.”

For once he speaks the truth. The GOP would be honored and pleased as punch to have him in the White House.


I’ve been saying for two years that all the DNC wants in 2020 is to return to 2016.
It has become abundantly clear that the DNC leadership doesn’t want to change. They just want rid of trump, and to go back to the heady days of Barack Obama. That’s right folks, the ACA and more signing statements post dated for 2020 and beyond.


Biden, Bill Clinton and Giuliani are all fucking senile plain and simple.


The DNC assholes will never understand that the status quo Obama and the even more status quo H. Clinton is what got Trump elected.


Biden is “The” pro-corporate candidate. Beloved by the DNC. He is a true dino, not a Democrat. I don’t care what he has to say. What the DNC does get yet, is most Dems are now progressives at heart and in the voting booth. If the force Biden on us, there is a very good chance we’ll lose, even if he is elected, because, even though he is not as nuts as Trump, he is just as pro-corporate, pro-oligarchy.


People need to believe him when he offered the ByeDone doctrine:
" NOTHING will fundamentally change"
He Meant THAT!
And The Democrat ‘leadership’ supports THAT!
For godsake. He MEANT THAT!
And WE cannot survive THAT!


Biden sleeping with the Greedy Old Psychopaths is NOT where Democratic voters are at these days.

So if we can spread this article around the country, on Facebook and Twitter, etc, people will really begin to understand what Joe is; and say, Bye-Dumb. Then the path will be clear for Bernie or Liz.

MSNBC and CNN won’t tell anybody. It’s up to us.


I heard it from many many people, good people, people are saying it everywhere… that Hillary, Biden and RomCom Emnanuel used to have threesomes in a secret room in a pizza parlor in D.C., where the famous Clinton email server was housed, disguised as a pizza oven!

Yes Joe, you’d be working across the aisle with some “very fine people”.