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Despite Front Seat to Last Four Decades of US Politics, Biden Repeats Claim That GOP 'Epiphany' Coming Soon

I do everything I can for Bernie but I won’t lift a finger to help “Tin Lizzie” at this stage. That seems like cheering for two boxers in the same match.


Oh, GAWD! I don’t want that image in my head, David! (-:
Well, maybe the pizza…

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is this fool still around trying to sound like he knows what he is talking about. awful. the only way we lose the next election is if the damn dems nominate this loser.

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Of course Biden thinks the Democrats can work as partners with the Republicans. Since at least the time of Clinton they are the same party both catering to the desires of the 1 percent and the Corporations.

Now I envision a young Bill Clinton and his own epiphany on his way to Washington when of a sudden a bright Golden light struck him down and he fell to the road side. He rose up to see a fat man in a business suit smoking a cigar and surrounded by piles of money. The fat man said “Bill Bill please do not persecute me as this too can be yours” as he pointed at the stacks of those 100 dollar bills.


Here is Iowa.

I am amazed (disgruntled, pizza’d) that +/- 4.5% is labeled the 'gold standard".
That 9% range with N=698 will not float a boat.

I am happy to report that statistics is now a high school subject.


Was Biden completely absent from the eight years of the center-right Obama admin, in which he served as VP, when repubs actively stopped Obombers every move they did not agree with?

Or, is Biden setting things up to offer another “grand bargain” with repubs in the name of “getting along?” (Saw someone else comment on the grand bargain too - great point to bring up).


Yes, but wasn’t he talking to a room full of bankers, saying essentially “Under a Biden presidency, no one is coming after your money.”

I agree COMPLETELY. Biden was chosen for us by the Corporate Dem elite. He is shallow, cannot finish a sentence, and supports the big money in politics. Sanders must run.


This is nothing more than Hillary’s talk about “the good Republicans” in 2016. Even the DNC hacks were upset she was throwing down-ballot Dems under the bus by making Trump out to be a totally different kind of Republican. He’s not.

Biden, et al ARE Republicans, so they have no trouble reaching across the aisle - there is no “across the aisle” when they’re on the same side.


If the public had its way – the GOP would be gone –
Obama resurrected them from the ashes in 2008 – and Biden is preparing a
cover up with his lies about them being good guys who just don’t realize it yet!!
Absolute BS. I’m sure Clarence Thomas is a good guy, as well, Joe.

Also calling Eliz Warren an “Elitist” is nuts –

Biden somehow made $15 MILLION in two years since leaving the Vice Presidency.

Is that the profit starting to role in from all the colluding with corporations over the years?


Anyone happen to see Jane Fonda on CNN with Don Lemon tonight?

It was fantastic – she named the “beast” – ExxonMobil – and made clear to
anyone listening that all injustice has to be overturned on this planet in order
to save the planet –

That from here on out it’s Fridays for the Planet – Civil Disobedience.

And that the REVOLUTION must be for everyone – (HOLISTIC)

All of the oppressions need to be overturned – gender slavery all over the world –
Racism and the harm still being done to African Americans and people of color –
GUN violence which impacts mainly AA’s/people of color – and women who have
an 11X greater risk of being shot by a male with a gun than women in other wealthy
And so much of these oppressions which Trump has tried to renew – to remake …
Ban on Muslims –

Also think everyone has to make clear to Pelosi/Dems that she has to include
everything in the Impeachment.
Mueller turned his info over to the Congress expecting/hoping they would ACT on it.
THAT was the time to begin the Impeachment/Removal.

But where are the TAX RETURNS –
Why are they not demanding the original transcript of the “phone call” – ?


Hello, Phred. Thanks for the reminder and your focus on what we’re really looking at. It often seems to me that many of these Dems are just out-and-out corporatists, and that the main diff between them and Repubs is, whereas the latter coopt the so-called evangelicals, the former coopt the identity-politics folks. It’s more a part of their brands, rather than a matter of sympathies either group has. Ultimately with either group it’s a matter of sheer cynical self-service. As for the corporate Dems, they apparently neither like, nor want, nor care about progressive or populist interests. They hate them. What they want is to keep their money, their jobs, their medical insurance, their power, and their access to more of the same, along with glitzy photo-op occasions with “celebrities” and other folks just like themselves, to be the news they get to watch and read.


Biden should put that on his tome stone. Ha Ha

Bill gained power in the Deep State by remaining quiet about what was going on in Mena, AK. It remains their M. O. to this day.

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It’s not just twilight zone from Biden, it’s that Republicans are looking back at him in reality laughing. Biden is a time capsule, and we are hearing the past when he speaks.

It’s about uncovering the Duopoly. They are on the same team and playing against the rest of us

If Biden wants to work with Republicans and in effect give them a veto on everything, his Presidency would be much like the status quo ante Trump with nothing significant achieved for the masses at the expense of the plutocrats (for greater equity)

One of my favorite childhood shows. Right up there with Rocky & Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairy Tales; oh my, all the best of The Unusual Suspects. Which I still watch on occasion, of course.
Two Things: Manhattan Transfer does a good Twilight Zone song/take/riff. I play it after watching the TV sometimes.
Today is Joni Mitchell’s birthday. She still won’t ride on those doubledecker buses 'cause they got no driver on the top. And, who can argue with the logic of beloved Joni. Not this cat.

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Joni you say…

My wife’s favorite.