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Despite Global Recognition, the Plight of Guantánamo’s Best-Selling Author Worsens



Articles like this are why I cannot stand, clutch my heart and sing the national anthem. The lives that we have wrecked are legion. There is no rational explanation other than an employment program


You would think that any, or at least many, USAns who read this story would be disgusted with the government, and would share this story with others, who would also be disgusted with the government.

And would then possibly also begin to question many things they have heard and read about the government.

This is why i will remain eternally "both / and" on the question of all of our responsibility to face what is being done in our name. We are all lied to, manipulated and abused. And we all encounter opportunities to move toward the truth.

Blessings to Mr. Slahi. Curses to those shriveled humans who insanely persist in torturing him. And pleas to the rest of us to get as directly engaged as we can in facing and addressing the monstrosities that are being carried out, and the ones being prepared.