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Despite Growing Attacks, Bernie Can Do It


Despite Growing Attacks, Bernie Can Do It

Bob Burnett

As Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic presidential nomination have increased, so have the attacks. Hillary Clinton advocates argue he has no chance of delivering the fundamental change he touts. Nonetheless, Bernie can do it.


Status quo holders can't see beyond the status quo because:

`1. Their paychecks demand fealty to the existing system
2. They've been inside the existing system for so long they can't visualize any alterative to it
3. They're threatened by any change in the existing status quo even though it's literally murdering people in foreign wars, destining more and more locations to ecological poisoning, and creating an income gap that's more like a chasm
4. Democracy has become a farce
5. Climate change requires #4 to be functional... as the only antidote human beings have


In a new match up poll from USA Today/Suffolk Trump beats Sanders by 1 point. Rubio beats Sanders by 4 points. Bernie does beat Cruz however by 4 points. Claims that Sanders (or Clinton) can beat any Republican candidate based on match up polls seem to be based on cherry picking polling results. Of course Bernie will be severely attacked in a general election. But I assume so to will the Republican candidate. Right now I have no idea who would win. With so much at stake it better be Bernie.


Always here to knock Sanders or his lead... down.

Got a REAL job apart from this one?


No money to be made here. Just freedom of expression. Do people actually pay other people for this? That sounds crazy but I will take your word for it. Just hope the next president doesn't have the initials DJT. As time goes on this keeps getting scarier.


DailyKos? A more wretched hive of scum and villainy you won't find anywhere else in the galaxy...


Wow do you cherry pick results.Everyone should google the USAToday/ Suffolk University poll and see for themselves at how you are manipulating. Every negative fraction against Bernie you exaggerate and then you pretend after making the statement that you are objective. Everyone should look at that poll's results and see if your claim about the one point isn't an exaggeration based on + or - and based on all the other polls. Why no mention of how he people polled felt all the major candidates were scry except for Bernie? How can you leave that out from a poll that basically was polling those results.

Meanwhile all the other polls that say differently and have been saying how Bernie will trump Trump? Those you always seem to leave out. What is your point to this charade? And I bet you even tell yourself that you are objective...lol. Even worse, I bet you think it okay as a progressive (if you really are one) to skew results and manipulate the truth.


If Bernie is allowed to get the Democratic nomination for POTUS, from my perspective, he would bury Trump. But that is a BIG IF!


That wasn't my point but I agree with you. The media influences how polls are read and even how they are taken (say like in what questions are asked and how they are phrased etc.).

I was criticizing this poster because he/she picks the least favorable polls/survey results that reflect unfavorably on Bernie since back when O'Malley was theoretically in the running. Lrx claims to be just reporting poll results but rarely feels the need to report the more favorable ones to Bernie without adding negative ones even if they are from a less than credible poll... like from a conservative source Fox News style etc. Basically when polls show any negative towards Bernie, that Lrx reports without also mentioning the positive polls results.

A skewed manipulation of results which seems so blatantly obvious and absurd ( a one point hypothetical match up ... a match up based on what polling question... there wasn't one. It was an extrapolated result based on answers to other poll questions btw).

One point? Meanwhile virtually all the nation's polls keep saying (most of the media outlets do too albeit reluctantly) that Bernie would beat Trump handily. Lrx somehow ferrets out some poll that says otherwise but this time he doesn't even cite the actual poll results but only a virtual opinion - a guess about a theoretical match up and not even poll results themselves.

edit added >>> What big IF... lol

Go Bernie ... no ifs, ands or buts about it!

I think Hillary is standing on shaky ground and the dems are taking a big gamble on whether Americans really do care about our democracy or not... a bigger gamble than maybe they realize... Americans want democracy... let's hope the dems take that seriously.


Wow, one poll. Don't reputable pollsters typically bundle several polls together to find the "polling average"? And wouldn't the polling average indicate that trump is behind?


No kidding it's like he doesn't think that we actually understand how polls work.


The thing about telling a lie in public is that even if you happen to know it is a lie ... you can be sure that somebody else doesn't know it is.


Say it like FDR Bernie:

"We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace--business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me--and I welcome their hatred."



I don't believe you. I find your comments TOO transparent for those of a casual pedestrian just stopping by to leave a trail of opinions. Daily.


You just encapsulated the entire field of Public Relations. Bernays would give you a nod..


I see you that Bernays and raise you an Umberto Eco.

Semiotics... if you would understand the modus operandi of how to tell a lie by not telling it at all but nevertheless having it believed just the same...lol.

Bernays prefaced the modern age of advertising and cultural communications. Semiotics analyzes how it is done. The study of signs, signifier and signified You'd find it interesting and understand why Bernays is the considered father of Semiotics as well as what you call Public Relations and what others call advertising... lol.


Hey, we know:

1) that Bernie will face a huge challenge irrespective of who the GOP runs in November, and
2) Bernie will do better against the GOP nominee than Hillary would because a passionate candidate draws more votes than a chameleon.

Former Bill Clinton appointee Eric Lui was telling an NPR reporter today that Bernie needs to run an Obama style campaign. Bad advice when you consider that one thing we learned from Obama is that HOPE plus two bucks buys a cup of coffee and CHANGE is what you put in the server's tip jar to make sure the next cup is as good as this one.


To me--this collection of comments spent too much time on "Polls---whose and whats"
To me --the first order of business is Do All We Can to get Bernie the nomination!

We have a rough road-- the AntiMedia--Super Delegates--a well known and previously chosen Queen of the candidates, who has more money, more notoriety and on and on And nut cases on the Right. And the bicker is the Polls?
Bernie has said this is a political Revolution---we should make it just that---
The DLC should be opposed in almost every way and especially its edict on chosen SuperDelegates. Bernie thinks he can talk to the Delegates and change their minds. Great but I don't think we should have the DLC void our vote in any way.

Revolution---oppose the DLC, make a fuss on how they have been handling issues. Demand their resignations. Void the Super Delegate votes and the coin toss. Make the Revolution start.
Rekindle the emotions of "Occupy"

Occupy went south because of a number of things---especially a goal.
We have a goal now---Bernie or Bust.
Bring back Occupy and its first stop the DLC.


So who gives what the Clinton's or their advisors the time of day? Fool us once........!


No doubt about it that HRC is standing on shaky ground and getting nervous even though she plays dirty!