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Despite Haitians Who Tested Positive for Covid-19 Given Last-Minute Reprieve, Dems Demand Total Moratorium on Deportations During Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/despite-haitians-who-tested-positive-covid-19-given-last-minute-reprieve-dems-demand


And if the Haitians were deported back as the U.S KNEW that they had the covid19 virus—I think Haiti would have had the right to su them for attacking the island of Haiti with a known disease----wha’ts the difference between virus invasion and disease invasion? I don’t think they are that different as Haitians will die with either choice.Besides the US ignored the people of Haiti when the people were in trouble with the earthquakes the last time. I guess some American businesses made a mint though. What ever happened to all that money from the Clinton Foundation raised?


The money could have been used to pay for the sex slaves at the Bohemian Club annual get together.
Sorry, just being a smart ass.

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“The Florida congresswoman was joined in her call for action by a number of other lawmakers, including Rep. Bennie G. Thompson.”

The only member of congress from my state that has functioning brain cells, no surprise he’s African American and hails from the poorest section of one of the poorest states.

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Hi Gandolf:
LOL I didread a magazine article once about a man who had attended—so really , you are not being a smart ass----you are seeing a strange reality----of what happens to men with too much power, money or both!