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Despite Harsh Rebuke for Charlottesville Stance, Trump's Base Remains Loyal


Despite Harsh Rebuke for Charlottesville Stance, Trump's Base Remains Loyal

Julia Conley, staff writer

While many in the news media, in Washington, across social media, and in the streets have swiftly condemned President Donald Trump for his comments asserting that both the white supremacists who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia and the counter-protesters who demonstrated against the so-called "Unite the Right" rally were to blame for the ensuing violence, a new poll shows that many Republicans agree with him.


Many Republicans claim what happened to Heather Heyer was not an act of domestic terrorism. What in the hell would they call it then! An accident!

Let’s reverse this scenario, if a Muslim had been driving that car and killed an Neo-Nazi it would most definitely have been called an act of domestic terrorism!


This article shows just how screwed up this country is. I have doubts we will ever come together again and respect each others opinions.


trump’s PEABRAIN supporters are WHITE TRASH! Never thought I’d see a President more criminal than that dick, Nixon, but trump the piece of Nazi shit is.


What they are actually saying is that those who defended themselves are equally to blame. Bull shit. I know if some fascist came at me I would hope I would throw a vigorous punch back as that anti fascist woman did we all saw in the video. I am contacting the GOP.

OK Just did and you can too.

GOP (202) 863-8500


Remember these people believe in the biblical version of the creation of the earth, the garden of Eden Adam and Eve, the burning bush the tablets with the ten commandments etc. I was 30 years old be3fore I had any sense of the functions of reproduction as a Roman Catholic. These people are still in the 13th century. And too how bad of a candidate do you have to be to loose to Donald Trump. 10 million people voted for so9mebody else. We have a flawed election system and it has finally caught us flat footed