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Despite Historic Achievement, Feminists Grapple with Clinton's Deeply Troubling Record



Many people grapple with the 'achievement" of Hillary Clinton and her record in and out of office - not all women. Many saw this election as being about issues, not gender, about integrity and morality, not about political influence or whose "turn" it is.
I supported the choice I believed from the evidence, his words, focus, and demonstrated integrity - his genuine humanity and humility - Bernie Sanders. I believed, and hold fast to that belief, that we need a radical change, not more of the same.
The issues should be clear by now, clearly articulated for all with ears to hear, what critical issues we face and what our direction as a nation and people - as a society - should and must be for a sustainable and more egalitarian, just, future to be realized. "incrementalism" will not cut it - that philosophy is a con, like "trickle-down".
I welcome a woman as president, just not a woman who espouses most, if not all, of the worst of what our previous male presidents have represented and who they served to bring us to The Now. A manipulative woman in a pants suit is not what I had in mind, but a gender-less integrity, honesty, and moral compass for the 99% and our common environment!


On the money - tell it like it is my ancient holy friend!

And kudos to you also Drew! Bravo!


There is a typo there.
It should read:
"all but stealing her fate as the first woman to become a major party nominee for president."


Imagine falling in a dream, only the dream is a nightmare, and it just never ends. That's what to expect from a Clinton presidency. Well this woman is wide awake, and I'm not struggling with my feelings about Clinton one little bit. They will be on full display on the streets of Philadelphia.

I committed to Bernie, and I'm committed to the democracy movement.


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I think feminists should expect from Clinton the same fake support Obama provided to black people. Pretty speeches, some token gestures, then ignoring or undermining the real problems, since they don't want to be seen as too biased toward their "historical" race or gender. And they'll get away with it because people believe Democrats wouldn't do that. That is why the Democratic Party is not the Lesser Evil, but the More Effective Evil.


"While this critique is not new, it had a particular resonance last night as progressive women grappled with mixed emotions over Clinton's landmark achievement."

As a "progressive" and "feminist" woman (over 60) I am not grappling with mixed emotions. I am 100% disgusted. I'd love to see a worthy woman get elected president of the U.S. but that won't be Hillary Clinton. Lying and illicitly scheming one's way to a presidential nomination (which still hopefully will not be the ultimate result) is not something I can support any person doing, male or female.


yes. i hope the fraud we have seen gets widely discussed and every state get RID of the dam machines!


Naomi- why do you lament this?.. This is your body, heart and mind telling you something very true about something that is very wrong.
LISTEN to it and act. Sounds like a deal made with the .....-- You may be the first women president.. in exchange for....your xxx.


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As of today, she hasn't the requisite amount of pledged delegates to proclaim anything, but forget it, she's rolling.


Totally with you, Holygeezer. Thanks for that spot-on litany of Clinton's disastrous "accomplishments." If she truly ends up with the nomination, it will not be a proud day; it will be a dark, shameful day.


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The problem with Hillary Clinton is not her gender; the problem is that she is has Neocons ideas and believe in Third way Neoliberal Economy; like most republicans.
I guess Bernie Sanders followers should create a mailing list of themselves and keep fighting for a return to Roosevelt ideals. Maybe they can create an strong movement or third party.


"This campaign is about making sure there are no ceilings, no limits on any of us" (within the upper echelon of connected Deep State players and CIA sycophants.)

The rest of you can follow quietly because you are locked out by the press and by the corporate parties.


Ditto on everything you said..... as a female .... who would very much like to see a woman in the Oval Office....

I will NOT vote for HRC and do NOT care what other women think about my decision. HRC's supporters should be ashamed to vote for someone of HRC's character.

I want to see someone with true ethics get elected. Bernie or Bust!


I think Bernie thought that he could win by following the rules, acting respectfully, telling the truth..........

The problem was HRC had a machine in place years ago to make sure that no matter what..... she would win.
No matter how we voted.... no matter who had to be disenfranchised.... no matter how many different dirty tricks had to be applied.....


We can have it both ways; a female President and Bernie's policies. Vote for Jill Stein, a courageous and ethical woman worthy of your vote. She could win and I'm sure she would recruit Bernie for a place in her administration. Bernie says anything is possible, and a Green victory is within that realm.


Hillary claimed that this is historic. It is, but unfortunately she does not represent the ideas of a true feminist. She has taken money from the fossil fuel industry and will be slow to implement needed change for our planet. She is in bed with Wall Street and will not be interested in helping the poor vs the mega banks. She had taken money from the military industrial complex, and peddled weapons as a SOS. She bragged about killing Qaddafi who died by being sodomized with a sword. She seems to have cheated her way to the nominee. If you like the Lady MacBeth type, she is okay, but if you are interested in someone who really cares for the environment, social justice issues, peace, and who has some integrity that would be Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein.