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Despite Hundreds of Arrests, Striking Workers Remain Undaunted in Fight for $15


Despite Hundreds of Arrests, Striking Workers Remain Undaunted in Fight for $15

Nika Knight, staff writer

Hundreds of service workers were arrested while striking for a $15 minimum wage and the right to form a union in cities across the county on Tuesday, organizers said, but the strikers remain undaunted.


theoretically, the floor rises with minimum wage bumps, but even I'll admit, the last bump it didn't. For the first time ever.
But that indicates that wages are completely decoupled from the economy.
Short answer, maybe, maybe not.
But I would hope that isn't a requirement to do the right thing for others.


Is your point by any chance implying that those who are striking their jobs are somehow less deserving, not as important?


Now this is grass roots! Stay strong and keep on keeping on...From Standing Rock, to North Carolina and everywhere in the USA the people are rising up. Sooner or later these movements will coalesce. Solidarity!


Let's assume the answer to your question is a resounding no.

  • Does that mean, that those earning far less than what your wife is earning don't deserve a $15 an hour income?

  • Does it make you feel better (or even superior) to see those who are currently working at half the wages of what your wife is earning be required to live in dire poverty if your wife cannot receive a pay increase as well?

  • If 10% of the population buys a new car next year does that mean you are entitled to a new car as well?


Cheers to the man holding the Blue Eagle sign, this symbol of the people's government serving the people goes back to the New Deal, it was the symbol of the National Recovery Administration, one of the New Deal programs declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, spurring FDR's efforts to "pack the Court." The Blue Eagle displayed today recognizes the continuity of the people's struggle for economic justice through history, and continuing.


Just an alert: If you also check out truthdig and truthout those sites seemed to be 'temporarily' out of commission, truthdig has a screen over it and you can't access it....Hummmm... Anyone else having problems?


I was able to access the Home Pages of both websites a minute ago.


In 1965 the minimum wage was $1.50/hr. Doesn't sound like much but one hour of work could purchase 30 Hersey Bars or 10 NY subways rides or six gallons of gas or an LP by Hendrix and one by Joplin or two first run movie tickets and the tax on that hours worth of work was half what it is today and the tax on what was purchased was 1/3 what it is today and the tax on the wealthy is one third what it was then. By the standards of 1965 when the US was not as rich as it is today the minimum wage should be $25-$30/hr.
The oppression of the 99% by the 1% is relentless and it is time the 99% stand together and resist and not cooperate. If the 99% go on general strike and just stay home, the 1% will quickly fold,
Why are the police arresting strikers? Don't they realize that they are part of the 99% too or as Jay Gould said; "I can hire half the people to kill the other half" The tragic irony is that the police are paid by taxes paid by the 99% not the 1%.


Generally there is a push to raise all lower end salaries so they remain salary competitive.


Trump should push for the increase if he is really going to help the middle class. But then Trump isn't going to do anything for anyone who isn't rich.


Think about it. US corporations have gone international, and are no longer dependent on US workers or consumers. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. These two things created an abundant surplus of job-ready people who are absolutely desperate for any job at any wage. There's nothing to fall back on. The old rules no longer apply. You can go on strike, wave a sign, shout "Solidarity!" and be replaced by morning.

Of course people will cross picket lines. If you have children, you have no choice. You will gratefully accept any job, any wage, under any conditions, to keep your family together, housed and fed.


That doesn't make sense. Middle classers aren't minimum wage workers. Maybe you need to check the definition. The middle class are among the better-off. Low wage workers are worse off, and all those who have been left jobless are very bad off.


Don't get paranoid. There's actually nothing very unusual about this. It's just part of Internet reality.


Can anyone explain being arrested for striking? For a fair wage and union representation?


Is she fighting for one as these people are?


Long tradition.


Like always he only helps himself.


Yes, and the people who were left jobless were put there by the one per centers. Once heard one say innocently that 50000 is a low wage. Clueless. Incidently, I saw a story on tonight''s news about workers in Tn.. who had played the lottery together as a group for years, and they hit the big one. They will divide it up, and they want to help others ! Great story with all of the negativism around.


Yeah- it's called repression.