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Despite Impeachment and Family Being Targeted, Joe Biden Still Believes He Can Work With Republicans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/03/despite-impeachment-and-family-being-targeted-joe-biden-still-believes-he-can-work

SUre he does. He reaches across the aisle to give his Reich buddies everything they want

You’re right we should support who ever Wall Street tells us to support.

We should support the right wing ‘democrat’ who has already told us
"nothing will fundamentally change"

We should support the guy that wants to “Find the Middle Ground” between the profits of his 1% buddies / donors and Global Ecological Collapse .

We should support the ‘Senator From Master Card’ who created and still supports Student Debt Slavery and sees nothing wrong with it

And by all means we should support the Wall Street Stooge that has a 40 year history of trying to kill Social Security and Medicare like the good Republican he actually is.



I’m not sure they have invented a word to describe just how delusional Joe Biden has become.
Ok, it may also be that he is simply the most corrupt son of a bitch to ever seek the democratic nomination. Either way. It’s not a good look for him.


I really want to see Sanders beat Biden by double percentage points in Iowa tonight.


but, they will change the rules before they let that happen

It’s sill a Private Corporation that is not obligated to adhere to it’s own Charter


Yes but it a lot harder to cheat Sanders out of the nomination if he wins a squeaker as compared to winning by 10+ points.

There still those that think the DNC above board. A cheat of that proportion should shake up the belief system of more then a few of that group.


(Sigh) They will simply lie about the numbers and we’ll never know the truth.


I hope you are correct !

Well this is some good news

With Medicare for All on the Table, Iowans Are Caucusing for Their Lives

Last week, as Democratic presidential hopefuls were scrambling to persuade Iowa voters ahead of today’s influential primary, 30 activists stormed Joe Biden’s campaign office in Des Moines and demanded to meet with the former vice president or a top campaign manager. The activists said Biden has spread “lies” about Medicare for All, citing alarming and inaccurate statements that echo talking points promoted by opponents in the private insurance and health care industries. For patients struggling to pay medical bills under the nation’s for-profit health care system, the issue is a matter of “life and death,” activists said.


In a word: OUTOFTOUCH!




Well isn’t that Magnanimous and Accommodating of him.

This is a no-brainer for someone like Joe Biden since his voting record shows that he agrees with almost everything the Bigoted Warmongering Republicans stand for.

Joe Biden is a Republican, Legislatively, Idealistically and by his loyalty to Corporations over We The People.

So of course he believes he can work with Republicans, he is in essence a Dixiecrat, not a Liberal, Progressive or even a Conservative Democrat.

People like: Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were once Democrats until their party had the audacity to support Civil Rights, then they quickly switched to the Republican Party.

Biden got along very nicely with disgusting Senators like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms, the only difference between Biden and those Southern Bigots is that he never got around to changing his party affiliation even though his numerous speeches on the Senate Floor show that he sympathizes with their Anti-Integration Bigotry.

Biden belongs in a Nursing Home and should never be a representative of his version of Democratic Ideals.



Eight fricking years with Obama has taught him nothing. Joe, you must be warming up your lips for the ass kissing you have planned for those republicans you want to work with.


Both Biden and Trump are mentally ill.


Politics is no longer a gentleman’s game. It’s war. The republicans declared it so.


Jodi Ernst says the Repubs are in instant “impeach him” mode were a Biden presidency to occur (it won’t), yet KC told me a few days ago that Bernie will be under the same kind of “he’s corrupt” attacks as Uncle Joe.

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Joe Blow
Joe Dough
Joe Snow
Joe Crow
Joe Ho

Joe No

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On this I agree with Joe 100%. He is a republican. Not only can he work well with the republicans in the GOP but he can work equally well with the majority of democrats who are also republicans. I


Klinton is the gold standard:)

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Joe Biden Still Believes He Can Work With Republicans .

Well, as the kids say, “Duh”. Of course he can. He’s one of them …just in a sheep suit. Too bad there are just as many D’s as R’s who will vote against their own interests because they’re too shallow to look below the surface.