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Despite Indiana Fallout, Arkansas Puts Pro-Discrimination Bill on Governor's Desk


Despite Indiana Fallout, Arkansas Puts Pro-Discrimination Bill on Governor's Desk

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite the national outcry and political fallout from a similar bill in Indiana, the Republican-controlled Arkansas state legislature passed the so-called 'Religious Liberty' law on Tuesday, sending it to the desk of Gov. Asa Hutchison for final approval.


For being religious people, they sure are hateful. Its no wonder why I have no respect for them. The protester’s sign in the picture up top says it best, “Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to discriminate.” Let it be remembered that that it was in Little Rock, Arkansas that the fight to desegregate public schools started. Remember the Little Rock Nine? Looks like some more fighting for civil rights is still needed.


Perhaps we should discriminate against republicans and christians. I’m starting a new religion where these types of people are unacceptable and immoral, thus I don’t have to serve them in my restaurant.


If I were in one of these states, and I used to live in Arkansas, I would ask the business owner/operater if they use this law to discriminate against job-applicants before I bought anything from them. If they said they did, I’d make a scene about why I refuse to spend any money on their putrid excuse for an existence and wish them all the poverty and hardship in the world on my way out the door and I would encourage everyone else in the store to also refuse to spend their money there. Discrimination can go both ways. I have no qualms with discriminating against discriminators.


Churches are used throughout the south and the mid west to cultivate and educate subscribing members about their superiority and entitlement. Having lived nine years in this regressive culture, I can attest to being discriminated against almost everyday at my job as an underpaid and overworked technical college teacher… Elkhart is proud to refuse service to people of color, and Martinsville touts its civil rights crimes as a badge of honor. My ex used to work 15 miles north west of the city, and getting gas(petrol) in the area was an unpleasant experience. The simplicity of the populace is used by fear mongers to and create power structures that encourage such behavior. Adherence to this by the populace can be excused to a limit. Those politicians that say that this new law is not the true face of Indiana are lying. It represents the majority of the state.

LGBT is being used as excuse. Overt LGBT couples maybe easy to identify, but race identification is almost instant. That discrimination is rampant in the state, including by church going LGBT people.


Why are all these “religious freedom” bills popping up across the U.S.?

“A Source Watch report on the legislative authors of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) shows many are also on the ALEC Indiana membership list. Three of the bill’s co-authors are also ALEC Task Force committee chairs, including Indiana state Sen. Carlin J. Yoder ® of District 12, Sen. Jean Leising ® of District 42, and Sen. Jim Buck ® of District 21, according to Source Watch.”


It is very heartening to me, a baby-boomer in the twilight of my years, to hear a governor in Arkansas speak against discrimination. He may be acting on his own convictions or in response to political pressure or both. I really don’t care why, but that he has. I believe most of the gen-xers and millennials are very tolerant of others. My hope for social progress and peace in the US rests with them. My generation is passing from the scene, but we laid the groundwork. It is now the young who will make the US a better place where all people are allowed to live an honest life in liberty and in the pursuit of their happiness. The individuals who back the RFRA’s and the like are literally dying out. Let’s not let them leave the stain of their prejudice and bigotry on this nation. Soon, the few younger ones that remain will be in the minority, but will have the right to freely worship as they choose and always will be protected by the first amendment. That is all they need and I truly hope all that is allowed. Thank you Governor Hutchison.


I would like to think that Hutchison is doing the right thing for the right reasons. But who are we kidding? Hutchison is a scumbag of the highest order, but he is apparently also a cynical pragmatic scumbag. My guess is that he let that Dumbass Pence put his foot in it first, and then measured the response.


Boycott discriminators ! (except wine tasters).


I do not believe our nation is split by these small numbers of radical religious crackpots, in a few backward states. The Governments of these states are violating our precious traditions of separation of church and state, when they give any considerations to religion when passing laws or regulations. What we may need is an amendment to the civil rights act, to get these low intelligence states up to par with the rest of the country. The cavil rights act protects everyone against discrimination that is based on race, religion, or national origin. We need to add to that list gender, and sexual orientation. I say gender, because women are wrongly discriminated against even more than gays. It is sad that the civil rights act was passed a half century ago, and we haven’t got it right yet.


To stop the bill the governor ‘d have to take the affirmative step of vetoing the bill. So if I understand the latest, his not signing the bill just means it becomes law without his signature. Somehow a not so victory for anti-discrimination. And as I noted in another post, from the wording of the bill, if you substitute ‘profits’ for ‘religion’ you get the investors’ rights protections of the TPP. Coincidence or are the same people writing both of them, hmmm?


Thanks for running that, Z. I looked at the link and was sardonically amused that ALEC says they stand for limited government…as in interfering in women’s reproductive rights and families’ right to do their own family planning? What part of ‘limited’ am I not understanding? Argh… A curse on the first people who started twisting the rights of natural born persons to be the same as businesses or corporations’ “rights.”


That would be ‘limited’ regarding bigots & business.

But religion in government, that would be unlimited.


BINGO, ctrl_z, yes! ALEC is pushing this charade of religious freedom — which for the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire is just another highly visible and emotional ‘identity issue’ utilized by the hidden Cancer of Empire to keep the Empire off the radar and well hidden by making another stupid ‘identity issue’ and merely subordinate and supposed ‘symptom problem’ front and center in people’s easily distracted, divided, and defused little minds — and off of the cancerous tumor of Empire (which is the Emperor of all our Malady!


Ctrl_z, let me explain more clearly for those who can’t follow the logic of what the Christian Science Monitor ‘story’ doesn’t quite diagnose fully:

Yes, the csmonitor piece is certainly correct that ALEC is the common thread behind this distractive religious shit that the dumb and dirty political pawns in many states have been conned into pushing as supposedly attractive ‘identity issues’ among their even dumber voting base of god, guns, NASCAR, WWF, Grits, and gravy lemmings are marching toward (as Thomas Frank so well diagnosed in his famous and revealing “What’s the Matter with Kansas” more than a decade ago in the 2004 selection of the younger and dumber Bush, despite the fact that those deluded and propagandized Kansasans were too stupified to understand that they we voting against their own economic interests.

Well, today, the entire U.S. Could well be defined going into the 2016 selection as “What’s the Matter with the U.S.” — in that the entire country’s population (including, unfortunately, the self-identified leftish progressive neo liberally-conned lemmings of the ‘D’ Vichy party) are being ‘had’ by the exact same bipartisan Empire.

And the ONLY essential element and issue of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that is ‘posing’ as our former country is to keep all the people all the time distracted and ‘divided’ by any subordinate ‘issues’ that the Empire can event to keep the people’s attention, mind-set, and most dangerously ‘actions’ off (entirely OFF ) of the Disguised Empire.

While the csmonitor reporting parrots ALEC’s spokesman saying, “Meierling adds, “Limited government, free market and Federalism – if it doesn’t have to do with those three things we don’t do it” — even the csmonitor is being ‘played’ into grossly under-reporting the real story — which is that the Empire is using its big tool of polite media/propaganda to keep every ‘subject’ of their Empire divided and fighting about All the useless (but seemingly patriotic ) issues of supposedly “Big government”, supposedly “free markets”, and supposed “Federalism” — entirely so that the far bigger and dominant Big (hidden) EMPIRE and its fascist feudalism can be distracted from people’s eyes!

Folks, how stupid do you have to be not to see that we are in a Brave New World — which is actually a perfected combination of Huxleyian Brave New World stratification of pleasures for the upper-classes of essential high-tech cogs of the Empire, and an oppressive Orwellian 1984+40 New World Order of increasingly overt Empire control of starving peons for the lower-classes?


Well said!


Indeed, people can be so thick headed. The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” rings true. After the old dog gets put down, its no longer an issue- just saying.