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Despite Intimidation Tactics, Mom and Kids Tear-Gassed at US Border Finally Allowed to File for Asylum


Despite Intimidation Tactics, Mom and Kids Tear-Gassed at US Border Finally Allowed to File for Asylum

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A group of migrants—including a Honduran mother and her five children, who were sprayed with tear gas at the border last month—was allowed to apply for asylum on Tuesday after camping out on U.S. soil near the Otay Mesa port of entry in San Diego, California for hours with two members of Congress who documented the experience, which featured intimidation tactics by federal agents, on social media.


OMG are they trying to give our bigoted president a heart attack? I can just imagine the temper tantrum he will throw when he finds out that this woman with her children are inside the territory of America.

I know that Trump and Melania will probably invite them to Mar a Largo for the holidays for Tea and Crumpets and a round of golf. They are such loving human beings.


Fun fact: Tear gassing people during war is considered a war crime, and it is a war crime that even America rarely commits.


I would like to know why EVERY MEMBER of Congress is not on the border like these two demanding answers and access. Why the hell is Congress tolerating the rogue administration thugs denying them their ability to perform there constitutional oversight responsibilities to the citizens who elected them???


Too little too late…


A better question is why Congress doesn’t end ICE altogether.


I am very impressed with these 2 Congress people----all the things you can learn when a Congress person is out among the People. : ) I am happy for that lady and the 5 kids that after making the front pages, they are now inside of America. Commitment, endurance , and a reachable goal----she’ll make a great citizen. : )




Your posted reminded of something I wanted to add –
no longer have article in front of me, but immigration officials have not
only been going to restaurants/eateries looking for undocumented immigrants,
but they’ve been making a display at the restaurants in walking into the dining rooms
an obvious effort to embarrass the owners and ensure that they are sufficiently intimidated
to prevent them from protecting any worker.

I’m just guessing that normally an honest owner/manager would likely not do that – but
something about these immigration officials and their brutality just seems to make you want to upchuck.