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Despite "It's Going Away" Lies From Trump, US Breaks Coronavirus Infection Record Just 11 Days Before Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/despite-its-going-away-lies-trump-us-breaks-coronavirus-infection-record-just-11

Apparently, a large percentage of Americans are so addicted to bars, restaurants, theme parks, sports, NASCAR and other activities that they can’t be bothered to do what’s necessary to beat the pandemic.
Many will become ill, be permanently injured, or die.
In a nihilistic country where killing animals and Nature, and being unhealthy, are so common, the death cult obviously doesn’t care.
They especially don’t care if you or I die. In fact, they’d likely be glad.


Sadly, you are probably right. The wealthy 0.001% just look at it as, “If all of those old farts kick the bucket, all that retirement and medical care money they get can be diverted to our accounts. It’ll be like inheriting a gold mine!”
** I’m in my eighties, so I won’t have to worry about all this for long, but my heart goes out to those born and trying to survive in this country, in this century.
** I think Gaia is looking at what we are doing to her planet and thinking, “Hmmm, more dinosaurs. They’ve got to go.” And She’s working on it.


Listen to all the comments from these so called experts on the debate—???–they come out and say Trump did good because he wasn’t angry and yelling??? Trump denied that the virus is coming back–he is out holding rally’s around the country spreading the virus ----and I watch the morning news and the message is that the virus is about to surge??? These people in the media are complicit with Typhoid Trump-------


Perhaps the sight of Trump stroking out on live TV, gasping “I can’t breathe” as he clutches his chest, being carted off by EMT’s trying to intubate him just might wake the average American from their soma induced coma. Our culture is based on the mythos of the rugged individual, completely independent, defining success as the ability to crush others and Nature to get all the power and wealth. The term self-made man was coined during the 1800’s and the Horatio Alger books mining the colonial squatter settler/Indian killer for material. And let’s not forget the wealth of the US is solely based on stolen Indigenous land and on the exploited labor of Africans kidnapped from their lands and families. The Europeans who invaded were mainly those looking for quick riches in the form of gold, refusing to work the fields even if they starved to death. Easier to rob the food caches of the Woodland tribes.


Funny, I have thought the same about this planet’s attempts to cure itself of the cancer we represent.


Did the critical shortage of N95 masks in hospitals somehow escape your notice, MissGrrrl?

Stating that, “(…the medical community is against us having this safety measure)”, sounds like something a Q conspiracy nut would say.


It seems no matter how severe this plague gets, you’ll have plenty of folks from all sides playing it down, for one reason or another. USA has been holding a national chicken-pox party, hoping to defy the virus somehow by welcoming it. It isn’t working, or even likely to work. So far as anyone knows, any previous COVID infection makes you more vulnerable to worse harm from the next infection, not immune – That’s the strategy of the dengue fever virus.

USA’s continuous national chicken-pox party has led to the worst outbreak on Earth, by any measure – If South Dakota were a country, it would be the worst country on Earth. How bad can it get? We’re totally pushing the envelope in USA, boldly forth into uncharted waters of positivity. 1/3 of COVID tests are positive in South Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming; 1/5 positive in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska; 1/6 in Nevada, Alabama, Mississippi, and Utah; 1/7 in Montana and Wisconsin; 1/8 in Florida. Positivity is a grave metric, inexorably sneaking up on communities where testing is neglected while the bug runs free. It’s volatile, as measured by Johns Hopkins, but I’ve been watching it awhile and all of these states look positively cooked. It’s an epidemiologically awesome accomplishment to screw things up this badly:


USA’s national third surge steps up in our recurrent “brief history” 5-week caseload segmentation.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/20/2020          13          13
>  10.  03/26/2020      85,343      85,356
>  15.  04/30/2020     977,090   1,062,446
>  20.  06/04/2020     800,210   1,862,656
>  25.  07/09/2020   1,244,275   3,106,931
>  30.  08/13/2020   2,121,886   5,228,817
>  35.  09/17/2020   1,428,712   6,657,529
>  40.  10/22/2020   1,729,518   8,387,047

Superspreader Events calendar as of 10/23/2020:

Hair Furor will be appearing at 2 maskless rallies in Florida today, and is currently scheduled to hold maskless rallies in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin tomorrow.


Only 321,946,286 new cases to go before herd immunity kicks in!
Oops! Everybody is dead.


Angela Mitropoulos wrote a rather dense philosophical disquisition on this “herd immunity” phenom (a truthout interview about her brief book is also linked below). It’s something like schoolwork for me. Mitropoulos is not an acolyte of Foucault, but she refers to him often enough that I need to get my balance of coffee & etcetera (especially etcetera) exactly right to digest each sentence carefully, one at a time…

Pandemonium: Proliferating Borders of Capital and the Pandemic Swerve (2020)
by Angela Mitropoulos

“Herd Immunity” Was Originally About Vaccination. Now It Is Neoliberal Violence.

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With the number of lies told, bold face, to the country in last nights debate, trump believes the Roy Cohn method goes undetected. Sorry trump, that ploy doesn’t work with informed people.


We are rounding a corner…and going down a dark alley where we will be beaten up and robbed.


I do not believe Trump, his wife or youngest son ever had the virus. His feigned “illness” was a purely political ploy designed to 1) bolster his idiotic claim that Covid-19 is no more deadly than the common flu, and 2) reinforce his image as a “strong man”.


11 days to go. We are rounding the corner soon Trump will go away. Be prepared for a Blue Crush - the house the senate and the Whitehouse. Democrats better be prepared to FIX things. Same old same old won’t. cut it.


Hi MissGirl-returns:
What makes us believe that Trump even has covid? He’s acting more like a man with a heart issue. It makes no sense that an unhealthy man stays a few days in a hospital----but really,------- he couldn’t breathe and in 3 days he’s cured? He’s also announced that he’s cured—no more covid!!! This man lies, and lies and lies-----has he ever told the truth about anything?
sigh—people with masks do better than those without masks and those who also use social distancing. Trump is now announcing that he’s immune to Covid 19------the only thing he’s immune to is the TRUTH about----everything! : (


Hi Kurt_Bechie:

BUT chidden die also—and their own families did not know they had underlying heath issues. Sadly, the the 9 year old died in Texas—she APPEARED to be heathy-----but–who knows. CHINA and South Korea treated this correctly from the start.
Despite knowing how bad this was ( see Trump comments in Woodward;s book) —and even though Dr. Atlas said there is herd immunity—vaccines are said to be a better treatment than trying to get and spread the disease. Apparently the virus has a short term immunity—but 4 months after people have gotten it again and sometimes it’s worse than the first time. However, if this was handed correct from the beginning—but then Trump said it was the state’s responsibility—not his. WOW---- a total lack of leadership and humanity there. Sady too, some peope , even young ones have horrific reactions and have recurring symptoms—new and different ones. Trumps denialism cost lives but insisting on ending this with life going on as before just isn’t possible yet. : (


Your comment is full of inaccuracies, deflections, and insanity taken verbatim from Trump and Fox News.
The actual facts as reported by real scientists is that the number of deaths caused by COVID alone or by COVID pushing someone with other illness into death is higher than the 220,000 reported.
Your comment is vile propaganda, and an insult to all of us who have had COVID or lost someone to it.


“Capitalism spreads and feeds off of disease,” Paul Simpson, the Paiute Nation.

200,000 + John Prine


Where do we find these “informed people”? Certainly not in AmeriKKKa. People should be crying at Borat movies, not laughing. The guy is showing the absolute ignorance and willful ugliness of AmeriKKKans and those in power, but it’s a comedy?