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Despite Low Approval Rating and Impeachment Inquiry, Most Voters Believe Trump Could Win in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/despite-low-approval-rating-and-impeachment-inquiry-most-voters-believe-trump-could

From the article:

“The way Trump will win in 2020 is if a whole lot of people convince themselves it is impossible he could win and allow that to justify their own complacency. That’s how he won the first time.”

That complacency was manifested most regrettably by Rottenhams and the DNC, who first assumed Twump would be the easiest R to beat, and then by their lackadaisical campaigning in battleground states–it was after all, HER TURN.


Nate Silver’s tweet is further proof that he has abandoned math in favor of voodoo.

And here’s why people should anticipate a Trump re-election: When he starts throwing nicknames like “Sloppy Joe” and “Pocahontas” and “Crazy Bernie” around, the free media time will start adding up again.

And here in MI, Trump timed his media blitz and rallies perfectly.


And if the DNC nominates Biden for POTUS in 2020 the same thing could very well happen again!


A Democrat may beat Trump in 2020. I am convinced that the DNC will ensure that Sanders is not elected. Furthermore, even if the DNC were to allow Sanders were to be elected, I still wouldn’t be convinced that there would be fundamental change to US plutocrat friendly, imperialist, warmongering. Such a change would only occur if folk in the US were to engage in civil movements which reject all major Parties - such as the movements in Chile, Lebanon, and Iraq. If, on the other hand, a moderate Democrat were to become President, it would likely ensure victor of an even more right wing proto-fascist ideologue in 2024.


3 in 10. This is Trump’s base.

Why does the media keep talking about them?

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I don’t for a minute believe that Biden beats Trump by the most votes. I believe that Biden is the MOST likely candidate to LOSE to Trump, and Bernie is the MOST LIKELY nominee to beat him. These polls are f’d-up and skewed towards older voters. Literally, they greatly under survey under 40 voters, mostly because they lean on those with land lines who are generally older and more conservative. These polls are part of the effort to ignore and black-out positive info and stories about Sanders by corporate media and the establishment parties. Bernie has the biggest rallies of any candidate, and Trump can’t go anywhere outside of his bubble (like the World Series) without getting booed.


Maybe these people see the writing on the wall on what is coming. That the DNC will shove Biden or another corprotist down our throats next year and Trump will clobber them. I don’t think it is complacency, it is accepting the reality we live in. You want to defeat Trump, you have to take on the political establishment that enables him.