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Despite Majority Opposition, Japan About to Hit 'Go' on Nuclear Restart


Despite Majority Opposition, Japan About to Hit 'Go' on Nuclear Restart

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite widespread public opposition and lingering safety concerns, Japan on Tuesday will switch on a nuclear reactor for the first time since the 2011 Fukushima disaster.


After WWII Japan fashioned itself after the US model and it is readily apparent that the rebuild was more than the economical model: to heck with what the people want, we (Abe and crew) do whatever we choose.


The Japanese are well known for committing Hara Kiri.


Abe is a “conservative”–someone should inform him to conserve the Earth. No wonder he is for the TPP.


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Incredible stupidity on the part of the government, sounds likes our government, they do what they want, not what is in the best interest of the people.


I don’t understand one thing… How is it that only Japan gets to vote on whether they can use nuclear power again… and how is it that the rich get to decide this… yes, that is who is making this decision… because many many people do not understand the absolute negative of nuclear power. Ya’ know, it seems to me that too many of us, just lay down and take it… I wish, I had known more when I was younger. I will say, that I always had the “bent” toward … environmentalism… .I did go to the 1982 march against nuclear anything in NYC… I was working as a groom at Belmont Race Track at the time. NOne of my friends, including my boyfriend would go with me. It’s just as well, we probably would have lost each other… as some of you know, there was a million people there that day… I’ll say that it’s the internet that has helped me dig in and learn more of what I needed to know. I quit the Dem’s and joined the Green Party… but, that is an attempt to join forces. If it doesn’t work then, I"ll have to figure something else out. I have a more… “out there” view on what is needed to combat climate change than they have… well, some of them also see that we have to get rid of Captitalism… we shall see.


mmmm… I left this page, but came back… I have to add… emphasis… This decision by the Japanese (government) is just ridiculous… ridiculous… so many times I think there is no hope…


Just like “Clean Coal?” What to do with the spent fuel rods; contaminated water…there is no such thing as an earthquake proof nuclear reactor (or tsunami-proof, as it were). As earthquake riddled Japan and its surrounding islands are, building more nuclear power plants is just asking for trouble. Problem is, that trouble spreads far and wide: Pacific Ocean U S Coastline, e.g.


Another sod-the-planet-save-the-economy story.
Isn’t news is supposed to be about new things?


I agree.
That link looks interesting… I’m going to have a look at it later.


Because we’re stuck. Since we’re evidently not going to reduce our energy needs in any rational/humane way, we need more energy. And when we look at the difficulty of buffering sun/wind/water energy, and the horrible cost of combustion, nukes are all that’s left.

Whether we deal with nukes in a rational/humane way is another question.


Didnt the gov’t just say a few days ago the opposite of what they are doing today? If they would have used the flowers from Fukishima for their wreath they had during the non nuke speech, there may have been a different view. If you dont know, RT news, had the pictures of the mutated flowers they found close to the reactor.


Time for Abe to go. There needs to be global replacement of all these corporate shills - Harper, Cameron, Merkel, the dude in Australia and on and on…


There is no safe nuclear power except the sun.


The sun’s not safe – it’s a much bigger source of cancers than nuke anything (2-3M non-melanomas and 130K melanomas p.a., WHO data), and the number of deaths from heatstroke and similar is not small: 4500 in India and Pakistan this year, 30K in Europe in 2003, ca. 600 p.a. in the US.


That’s a fairly crooked analysis, since it counts full-lifecycle carbon (including the use of fossil fuels in mining, which is about as crooked as can be!) against nukes, but doesn’t mention full-lifecycle carbon in connection with any other type of generation. Nor does it mention the cost of buffering intermittant energy generation. And it counts biogas among the good methods even though it represents constant combustion, which is crazy.


“A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” - Bob Dylan’s prophetic tune rings true, still. The truth of the nuclear nightmare continues, because of the public’s ignorance, initiated by corporate media propaganda. Spoon-fed and maintained by the strategized criminal behaviors of multi-national energy corporations and the bought-off fascist politicians that seek more money.


Don’t forget the US Fourth Reich, it is full of shills in all three branches.


Ah, the new Japanese NRA. I’ll bet their guidelines were provided by TepCo and probably some of the NRA staff are probably people on furlough from TepCo.