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Despite Mass Protests, France Passes Maligned Labor Bill Without Debate



Ah, the "invisible hand" of neoliberal under the table corporate directed and corporate servicing "austerity".

The transformation of Europe into "the Land of the Fleeced" is proceeding steadily, Brexit or not.

(not that Britain is part of Europe)


The French congress prefers to play politics rather than do what's best for the French people. This law is necessary to combat the 24% unemployment rate for those under the age of 25, or over the age of 50. Employers need to feel that they are free to hire new employees, and that they can adjust later if need be. France currently has the most restrictive, draconian employment laws of the EU. French employment is suffocating from the "Security" that the communist CGT claims as social progress.


Great argument! Give all the power to the bosses, because that's the best thing for the workers!

Give the bosses absolute control over the workers, and the joy of the workers will be absolute!


Once again, in yet another nation, we see that so-called "democracy" is a cynically-used facade, used by the 1% to mask the terrifying reality of oligarchy and corporatocracy (that is, modern fascism or totalitarianism).

Hollande calls himself and his political party "Socialist" -- yet he acts like an authoritarian, using un-democratic methods to pass a law that is opposed by the people and that over-rules repeated, massive protests by workers. (Socialist? "What's in a name?" A Hollande "Socialist" is just a disguise for neo-liberal and neo-conservative sell-outs to corporate power! )

Similarly, Obama calls himself a "progressive" and talks with "liberal" rhetoric -- but he has done nothing to help organized labor unions and workers, did nothing to help labor protestors in Wisconsin against Gov. Walker, and he broke his presidential campaign promise to labor to pass the Card Act to help workers unionize, he visited Caterpillar Corporation (which fired union workers and hired scabs!), he visited anti-union Walmart -- and he is trying to pass TPP and TTIP into law via un-democratic methods (Total Secrecy, Fast Track, Lame Duck Session, etc.), which will severely harm workers, consumers, citizens, the environment, and the world!!!

Similarly, consider how the European Union talks about "democracy" yet ignores massive popular protests against austerity policies that harm the 99% majority in order to benefit the 1% banks and super-rich.

Words like "democracy," "liberal," "progressive," and "socialist" are being misused by neo-liberals and neo-conservatives to deceive and manipulate the common people majority!

So watch what the ruling-class and their political puppets DO -- and don't be fooled by what they SAY!


And Hollande is deemed a "socialist'. The parties of the Left in Europe have all been co-opted and are in the service of Mammon. The 1 percent ordered these laws passed and Hollande complied with his masters,


If a system can only function by exploitation of a workforce and reducing people's quality of life then there is something wrong with that system and we need a new one. France can't be doing that bad, it's the fifth largest economy in the world. That used to Britain until the day after brexit when it slid down a few notches after years of being the 5th. And what's the point of being the 5th largest economy in the world if the bulk of the people don't benefit from that but only a few?