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Despite Medicare for All Support 'Spreading Like Wildfire,' Pelosi Shrugs, Says Dems Will 'Evaluate'... If They Win


Despite Medicare for All Support 'Spreading Like Wildfire,' Pelosi Shrugs, Says Dems Will 'Evaluate'... If They Win

Julia Conley, staff writer

Despite mounting evidence that support for Medicare for All is "spreading like wildfire" and has become a winning issue for Democratic candidates, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is drawing ire from progressives following a press conference on Thursday where she told reporters that she is open only to "evaluating" the idea if the party wins control of Congress in the mid-terms.


YO! All you damnocrat addicts out there! NOW can you see why we need the Greens, Socialists, etc.??? The “opposition” party is only OPPOSED to what regular people want/need!


Despite Medicare for All Support ‘Spreading Like Wildfire,’ Pelosi Shrugs, Says Dems Will ‘Evaluate’… If They Win

One critic offered this translation: "My pharmaceutical and health insurance donors hate the idea of Medicare for All, but just vote me back in and, honest, we’ll ‘look’ at it."

No one wants to believe that they are under the control of someone destroying their world –

BUT, if we don’t understand that this is reality then that is what will happen.


I hope California voters will give her a new job this fall.


The job she deserves: President of the local “LIAR’S CLUB”?


“the affordability of it”

It would save money, we know this, and even if it didn’t, the government could spend as much money as it wants to, and can create money whenever it wants to. It already does for lots of horrible things. It’s shocking how bad she is.

I can’t wait to have the typical people here waiving their fingers at the left instead of empty people like her, people with actual power. I’m sure something about pragmatism will come up. Joy.

These people are simply not up to the task at hand, they have no interest in proposing solutions to the big problems facing us or an alternative vision that people could organize around and fight towards.


Memo to Pelosi: This land is not your land, this land is our land.


And that is why Ms. Pelosi has outlasted her usefulness to the working class. Either lead, follow or get out of the way because we’re going to have Medicare for all.


The Democrats have been “looking into it” on issues for 30 years, now, and nothing has changed. If Pelosi’s brain wasn’t so atrophied, she’d might make the connection between that statement and her need to follow with “if we win”. Well, duh, Nancy.


Until we get the neoliberals out control, this country will continue to go down the tubes. The whole disaster starting with Clinton has been either republican lite or helping the republicans give everyone else the shaft.


She is pathetic. She is a extremely wealthy woman from San Francisco (like her neighbor Diane) who likely has no clue as to how poor people live. She has never gone without insurance, a home, food and all of the other goodies and in some instances paid for by us - the taxpayer. Her time to leave is way over due.


Nancy - here’s the door. now get out.


there are a lot of strange things in California that don’t always add up. follow the money however and one might understand…politicians are almost always about the money. there are some very, very elitist democrats in California who just don’t get it.


I would have to assume Democratic leaders in the House spent a lot of time discussing this. This sounds like a comprise response from a group of people with different views. She could have said it will have a high priority on the agenda. And she could have said it will not be taken up next year. But she said it will be evaluated. A compromise that make nobody happy but they probably hope it allows the party to move forward with some sort of unity.


OK California and NY: Get rid of Pelosi and Schumer. NOW.


Id Dems win back the House they need to take a serious look at replacing Pelosi as leader.


she compromised with George W. Bush as well.


Just like any parent that didn’t want to deal with it right now, Nancy just told progressives and liberals “we’ll see.” And just like any parent that ever used that dismissive phrase, she means “No”
Just think, with all these third-way Clintonista DLC center/right sock puppets running for congress and senate this fall, even if the democrats manage to regain the House and /or the senate, they really won’t control them. With Nixon republicans like Feinstein, Schumer, and Pelosi, and blue doggies like Manchin, Heitcamp, Donnelly, And Testor, mixed with gutless corporate scum like Booker, Murray, Casey, and Harris, I can promise you that there will be no progressive agenda, no new New Deal. It won’t even be mentioned in mixed company. They will simply try to obfuscate the disasterous Trump agenda until 2020, when they will try to convince everyone that they could do slightly better with yet another spineless Clinton/Obama clone.


you know congress is kind of like the courthouse - the prosecutor and defense attorney will have lunch or play golf while the defendant ends up in prison. We are kind of like the defendant who gets screwed while the congress people play their self serving games.


you are laying the truth out in all its dismal array. we hate to see what has and is happening but we really need to get honest with ourselves if there is every going to be any change.