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Despite Millions in Dark Money, Pro-Charter Effort Falters in Massachusetts


Despite Millions in Dark Money, Pro-Charter Effort Falters in Massachusetts

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The corporate-backed effort to expand charter schools in Massachusetts is opposed by likely voters in that state, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

The WBUR poll, conducted Sept. 7-10 by The MassINC Polling Group, found 48 percent of respondents opposed to Question 2—which would allow up to 12 new charter schools a year statewide—and 41 percent in favor. Eleven percent of respondents said they were undecided.


I am so sick and tired of the billionaire greed of wanting to make money off the backs of the public school kids! Hey billionaire assholes, if you are so concerned about kids, fund public school programs, such as after school programs. Otherwise, get out of the F__king way!


Hey, what a deal for hedge funds and investment clubs: charter schools wherein public money is used for essentially private schools created for the primary purpose of making a profit and without any substantive regulatory oversight by City/County/State/Federal agencies. The charter schools charge for everything...it is like going out to dinner and finding that the salad/soup, water and veggies/fries, etc. are a la carte (buses, books, art supplies, after-school programs, lunches, day trips, etc are EXTRA, which blindsides unsuspecting parents). Charter school teachers' credentials are also suspect leaving unqualified "teachers' to instruct classes (charter school teacher pay is hourly and predominantly without perquisites). In many states, charter school groups have misappropriated public funds to line their own pockets, doctored/falsified fiscal reports for agencies overseeing charter schools, and closed their doors with little-to-no notice leaving public schools to take on the displaced students. Door closing usually comes when the charter group/investors realize that they can sell the property/real estate where the school resides for million$$$ more than they would make operating the school(s).

History has shown that privatization of public trusts like education and utilities are ALWAYS disastrous causing fiscal/emotional/physical harm to the public, especially the most vulnerable: children, disabled, elderly, impoverished.


Only under a Capitalist economic system are privatized schools even possible.
That goes for health care, food production, the military, municipal water supplies, refuse collection, roads, sewage..........you get the idea.


Just like our military. I forget how much of the "intelligence" budget is outsourced now--70% or something. Take our money and beat us down.


Hey Commondreams, cover the Rhode Island state legislative primary. We culled enough of the stragglers yesterday to get the rest of the herd moving quickly in the right direction. Works every time! For starters, we canned our House majority leader in favor of a progressive candidate.


Looks like the Gates Foundation needs to pump more dough into the Massachusetts Question 2 campaign to push it over the top like they did in Washington State.