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Despite Mourning and Outcry, Doubts Las Vegas Massacre Will Lead to Stricter Gun Laws


Despite Mourning and Outcry, Doubts Las Vegas Massacre Will Lead to Stricter Gun Laws

"I heard colleagues confide that any vote for gun safety would lower their NRA scores, making them casualties in the next election."


Remember that lunatic La Pierre from the NRA saying something like, “the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.”

Yes. If only the concert-goers had the foresight to bring their automatic weapons and to dress in Kevlar vests and helmets all this could have been averted. And think of the money to be made by the Kevlar vest manufacturers!

Soon we’ll be buying cars with bullet-proof glass in case we have to hide from someone’s perceived 2nd amendment rights.


Democracy Now 10/3/17’s expose shows the (Re-Thugs) are currently pushing hard on legislation that would remove restrictions on gun silencers, allow gun thugs to lawfully carry concealed weapons across state lines into jurisdictions that don’t allow them, expected to pass, and sign sealed and delivered by the (Trump-Racketeer), Guns a Blazing. And, writing, or calling congress, holding protest signs, or marching in the streets isn’t cutting it any more. That lesson was learned in 2002-2003 from when the tens of millions of people marching across the world against the US governments desire to bomb Iraq to smithereens. Bomb, bomb, bomb… the U.S. Military laughed and did it anyway.


The article only hints at the most effective solution to NRA lobbying (and indeed to special-interest lobbying of any stripe): reversing Citizens United and instituting public financing of elections with spending caps.

One dollar/one vote is no way to run a democracy.


This event is a metaphor for America. Even though we know we need changes that will help and protect the public - nothing is ever done. And I’m not just talking just about gun violence - but many other things that are causing the people in this country to have problems - health care, consumer protection, privacy, etc, etc. We are not being well served by our leaders, elected officials and government.

And perhaps Las Vegas itself is a metaphor for America. While we have huge problems with homelessness and other crisis such as the recent hurricanes and devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico and earthquakes in Mexico, the vast majority of our country go on like nothing has happened and indulge in our entertainment and pleasure. Las Vegas is a pleasure seeking , entertainment center in a city which is not sustainable in many ways. A nation should have priorities - and that means taking care of the primary needs of our citizens and then entertainment and pleasure if we have anything left over but that is not the ethos of a self-centered, alienated culture. Does anyone really believe that this will be the end of this type of thing. It’s happened once or twice a year for probably the last thirty years. When will reality set in?


" Remember that lunatic La Pierre from the NRA saying something like " the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun."

That has been the M.O. of the NRA for far too long, playing on paranoia and fear with half truths and outright lies.

Example: when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. And by inference, the most egregious, canard that only by being armed can the NRA supporters stop the outlaws in government from confiscation of their guns!



You’d think people, and not just insurance companies, would begin to notice when supposed rarities like massacres and 100-year storms and floods pile up on a monthly basis.


Actually, I’m quite surprised that Jeff Sessions and the DEA havn’t blamed this all on recent cannabis legalization in Las Vegas- Nut bags that they are…


Gun silencers in NO WAY should become legal-
If the people in that crowd wouldn’t have been able to hear the shots being fired, then one hell of A lot more would have been massacred-


They are legal now, but must jump through many hoops to buy legally.


and what did this douchebag title his (we can’t talk about gun control now, but we can make extremely liberal changes to endanger more citizens) bill?

The Hearing Protection Act :rage:


The last I read was that there was some sort of patent process going on to legalize…Imagine that- Manned Patented silent killing mechanisms run amok-Every psycho’s wet dream come true…
If I were A Cop, I would be so pissed!