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Despite Multiple and Credible Sexual Abuse Allegations, Roy Moore Still Leading in Alabama Race


Despite Multiple and Credible Sexual Abuse Allegations, Roy Moore Still Leading in Alabama Race

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump, who has also been accused of assault by several women, has urged voters to support Moore


I suggest that we allow–or FORCE?!–Alabama to secede from the U.S., and become a separate country. THEY should be able to have their Roy Moore–they DESERVE him!


Politicians seem to be immune, or have a different set of rules. Look at Al Franken and John Conyers.


I’m sorry to say that the Christian churches in Alabama are getting all gray in the pews. The churches are dwindling, closing, consolidating. Jesus’s teachings aren’t the reason. It’s all about the way the modern Christians have been acting day in and day out.

For one thing, they’ve been blindly supporting their pedophiles. How do you think that plays among the kids in the pews?

Next, Jesus was squarely the Prince of Peace. How does that square with our military training Central American officers at Fort Benning to be torturers and death squad leaders?

Then there’s all that corrupting money. Why don’t all the leaders of these Christians want everyone to have health care?


If Roy Moore wins in his state it will prove that Alabama is a state devoid of morality.


You can’t compare adult boorish behavior with that of a pederast.


Then how about Bill Clinton? Or Teddy Kennedy?

Let’s be honest - politicians are all about protecting their own side. You’re just making excuses because you approve of their politics. Lack of consent is the issue.


It is difficult to say who is actually leading right now. The three polling companies that use cell phone respondents have Jones ahead or tied, while the three companies that do not poll cellphones have Moore ahead. We should see in the next couple of days whether those three companies also show a resurgence of the pedophile. But currently the lead seems to switch based on which companies are reporting their results most recently.
I am hoping that the closeness of the race will bring more Democrats and Independents to the polls than usual in Alabama and give Jones a narrow victory.


PLUS: …devoid of mentality while filled to their Confederate hat brims with mendacity. Would rather elect a known pedophile and sexual deviant as their Senator strictly along party lines (such is the GOP in all states and the swamp) rather than apply good KKKristian ethics when casting their vote for a proven “sinner.” That mentality is a glaring reason (among many) why Alabama is #47 out of 50 states and ranked in the bottom 10 in several categories according to US News and World Reports: (perhaps Alabamians are laying in wait for the “South to rise agin’”)
Overall Rank
Out of 50 - #47

Health Care #47
Education #47
Crime & Corrections #42
Infrastructure #31
Opportunity #40
Economy #45
Government #42


I think you put your finger on it. The best hope is that the closeness of the race will encourage people to actually get out and vote instead of thinking “oh, it’s not going to matter…”


Seatower, it’s not just a GOP failing. Hell, Teddy Kennedy got away with murder and was regularly re-elected.

All partisans are just that - partisan.


Look at Donald Trump (makes Franken and Conyers look like boy scouts).


That was never proven and Mary Jane’s family did not sue as I am sure that their grief was assuaged not only by their daughter’s hefty life insurance policy but also with contributions from the Kennedys. Moore, should he be selected and seated, will NEVER in a thousand lifetimes accomplish what Ted Kennedy did while a US Senator…NEVER! The GOP has become a cesspool of greedy, grasping, debauched curmudgeons…male and female alike who have no conscience, compassion nor integrity as reflected in the bloated, cruel and draconian “tax” behemoth that transfers even more wealth to the wealthiest and corporations leaving the rest of the populace in tatters, homeless, without health care, jobless, and otherwise destitute. Their souls have been sold to the gods of money, war, and tempest. May they rot in Haedes.


DJT-4: Debauched, depraved, deranged, despicable.


I don’t think you can compare these incidents in such a superficial way regardless of political affiliation.


Well said. Conservatives have to do a LOT of mental and spiritual acrobatics to be able to square the circle these days. The teachings of Jesus are 100% the opposite of what their Cult, er, Party espouses. Peace not war - oops. Protect the little children - oops. Feed the hungry, help the poor, turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, be honest and truthful, protect and care for “the least of these,” - oops.

All of the Republican mantra is the exact opposite - wage endless war, hate the “other,” let the poor fend for themselves and pull themselves up by the bootstraps, everyone look to their own house, guns rock, support the Predator-In-Chief, support the pedophile running for Senate, cheer for neo-nazis and fascists, look the other way when there is evidence of treason/collusion with foreign governments to undermine American democracy, give the Rich more and more while making the poor pay for it, etc, etc, etc. I actually kind of admire a lot of the Rethugs these days, for their ability to completely brain-fuck themselves. I mean, we all lie to ourselves once in awhile, but deep down we KNOW we are lying to ourselves to make something we have said/done more palatable for our conscience, and most of us are just not able to keep it up. The millions of Rethuglicans that are able to create so much cognitive dissonance in their fuzzy, pointed little heads that they truly BELIEVE their own bullshit - it is almost admirable, in a sick and twisted, look-at-the-circus-freak kind of way…


Not defending Trump, or Moore for that matter…

Merely pointing out that partisans tend to excuse behavior on their own side that they happily get out the pitchforks and torches for on the other side.


The family was paid off.

And your comment - “Moore, should he be selected and seated, will NEVER in a thousand
lifetimes accomplish what Ted Kennedy did while a US Senator…NEVER!” proves my second point about partisans will always excuse behavior on their own side that they would never excuse on the other…


“Partisans” were at the heart of the French Revolution that led to the downfall of the cruel, ruthless Ancien Regime so your use of the word in present circumstances is oxymoronic.


Where did I “excuse” Tk’s behavior related to the Chappaquiddick incident? There is absolutely no substance nor integrity in any cell of Moore’s body as his adult behavior has illustrated over scores of years.